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i feel young = me siento joven

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Q: How do I say I feel young in spanish?
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How do you say I feel it in spanish?

I believe it is Sientolo

How you say feel in spanish?

sentir or siento

How do you say millennial in Spanish?

'Young people' in Spanish is 'los jóvenes'

How do you say young author in spanish?

Autor (a) joven

How do you say you feel tierd in spanish?

"I feel tired" would be "Siento cansado"

How do you say I feel like in Spanish?

Me siento como

How do you say I feel teased in Spanish?

me siento burlado

How do you say I feel ignored in Spanish?

Me siento ignorado

How do you say i feel bad in spanish?

"Me siento mal."

How do you say i feel horible in spanish?

Me siento terrible

How do you say feel' in spanish?

"To feel" is the verb "sentir". Do not confuse this with "sentar", which means "to sit".

How do you say she is young in spanish?

Translation: Ella es joven