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"Me siento mal."

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Q: How do you say i feel bad in spanish?
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You feel bad or you feel badly?

I feel bad is correct. In this case, "bad" is what is known as a "predicate adjective". Predicate adjectives follow certain types of verbs such as: seem, appear, look (he looks bad), sound, feel (there are others) The easiest way to know whether to use bad or badly is to try substituting another adjective: Would you say: My dog died today; I feel really sadly? You must have worked a long day, you look terribly?

'feel badly' or 'feel bad'?

You should say "feel bad" if you are talking about feeling sad, remorseful, or physically unwell--where "bad" refers to your state. Feel is a linking verb in this context, and is used with the predicate adjective bad rather than the adverb badly. The only sense in which "feel badly" is correct is if you are using feel as an action verb. For example, if you have nerve damage and have lost most sensation in your fingers, you probably feel badly (just as you would probably play the piano badly in that condition).

Which is correct- you feel bad or you feel badly?

You feel bad. To feel badly would only mean to have poor sense of touch.

Who invented cursing?

every one in this world (when they started to talk whether in sign language or speaking) utters good and bad words or sentences. Depicted to the question no one can blame any religion .PEOPLE, when feel good, say good words and when feel bad, say bad words. Its the reality that we all have to all depends on our mood what we think and what we have to say. it was the female dog of gama

Is it correct to say What a bad luck or What bad luck?

When something bad happens we say "What bad luck!"We do not say "What a bad luck!" because that is not correct in normal English usage.

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How do say bad in spanish?


How do you say I am bad in spanish?

I'm bad = soy malo

How do you say I feel it in spanish?

I believe it is Sientolo

How you say feel in spanish?

sentir or siento

How do I say I feel young in spanish?

i feel young = me siento joven

How do you say 'too bad' in Spanish?

There are two ways that you can say "too bad" in Spanish, lástima or ¡qué pena!

How do you say mal in Spanish?

"Mal" in Spanish means "bad". In Spanish it is pronounced "mahl".

How do you say bad breakfast in Spanish?


How do you say my bad in Spanish?

Culpa mía.

How does it feel to kill?

Bad. That's all i can say! Bad!

How do you say you feel tierd in spanish?

"I feel tired" would be "Siento cansado"

Why do you feel bad when you say no?

because u feel that you just let someone down, and feel bad that you rejected someone