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When something bad happens we say "What bad luck!"

We do not say "What a bad luck!" because that is not correct in normal English usage.

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Q: Is it correct to say What a bad luck or What bad luck?
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How do you unfortually?

The correct spelling is "unfortunately" (through a bad result or bad luck).

How do you say bad luck in German?

bad luck in German language mean[pech]

Which cats are supposedly bad luck?

Black cats are often considered to be bad luck. However, this has not been proven to be correct.

What is it bad luck to say in the theater?

In the British theatre it is bad luck to say "Macbeth". It is normally replaced by "the Scottish play".

Is it bad luck to say good luck in the dressing room?

The acting profession is very superstitious. True, to say 'good luck' to someone just going on stage is bad luck. Instead acting people say 'break a leg' its code for 'good luck' but the bad spirits don't know that.

How do you say bad luck in Japanese?


What are hungarian's superstitions?

I am Hungarian, two that I have heard are that keeping a cactus in the house will bring bad luck. Another is that owls, even owl sculptures, are also bad luck. This is not correct. Cactus' plants are not bad luck in general. Only certain types of cactus are bad for luck. Only if an owl flies into your house is it bad luck. Having a statue of an owl in the home is not good luck and not bad luck.

is it bad luck to have many people put tamales in an pot?

my mom and dad say "yes it is bad luck"

Is it correct to say it will end bad?

say it will end "badly."

Why is it bad luck to say Macbeth in a theatre?

Theater people believe it is bad luck. They call MacBeth the "Scottish play."

Why is it bad luck to say good luck to an actor?

For the same reason you can't say the name of that Scottish play, I guess!

How do you say bad luck in spanish?

I think you would say "mala suerte".