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try loosening up the bolts on the linkage that connects to the shifter from under the car. If to tight it might cause stiffness

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โˆ™ 2006-07-16 18:28:31
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Q: How do I stop the 5sp shifter being so stiff and still after I put new trans fulid?
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Most likely cause is that you have a bad shifter module, which is the shifter itself. I've seen lots of these, try and play with the shifter to get it out of park, and make sure you have the brake pedal depressed. If you can get it out of park take it to a repair shop this way, and leave the shifter in neutral if you have to turn the car off, that way you can still start the car, and still move the shift lever to drive.

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If you follow the shifter down to the bottom of your Durango, you will see that the "C" clip that holds that shifter to a transition bar that goes back to the gear case has fallen off. The bar should still be dangling there and you can replace the clip. (hopefully) Gene

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Do you mean that the shifter is able to move from park to drive and back, but the transmission is still in park? Is it possible that the shifter cable is broken, or has come off at the transmission. You will have to jack up the car, on safety jacks, have someone move the shifter, while you look at the linkage right at the transmission. Should give you the answer. The shifter itself could also be broke. Good luck.

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If the gear shifter no longer shifts and is stuck in drive on a 1998 Sephia where could the disconnect be?

the shifter lock out switch is in the brake, remember how you couldn't pull it out if park with out hiting the brakes my 96 sephia had this problem and we replaced the nutrel safety switch and the shifter lock thing on the brake pedel in side the car good luck. Also, you may have broken the gear cable. You will need to examine the shifter and make sure the cable is still attached.

What are possible causes for your 97 Saturn sl1 to slip out of third gear?

Could be your shifter cable has stretched and you need to replace it? On my 1995 Saturn SL2 I could not keep the shifter in 3rd gear. I replaced the tranny with one from the junkyard and the problem still persisted. I talked to Saturn and they said it was my shifter cable. I installed the shifter cable and the new tranny goes into 3rd gear without any problems. Please use this as an FYI. It was time consuming and expensive to replace the shifter cable, but a lot less expensive than the tranny. Hopefully it is something simpler for you.

1991 cougar shifter slides after its taken out of park it still doesnt change the gear?

Check to see if linkage is broken or disconnected

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Did you check the reverse light switch on the shifter ? Could be bad or not contact.

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I have the similar situation on my shifter on my 1991 pontiac sunbird 2.0 Liter. The shifter was kinda loose last two year, but it shifted fine. However, 2 days ago. When I put in "Park" gear, it was still moving forward, I put in "Rear" gear, it felt like in "Park", when I put in "Drive" gear, it felt like in "neutral". And the shifter is sometimes very loose, but back to normal when I put the shifter back and forth. I took it to a transmission store, they found out the "shift linkage cable" from the shift to the transmission was broken. I changed it today and so far no problem.

How do you get a 1997 Sebring into neutral without a key?

I have a 1996 Sebring Convert. There actually was a recall for this in 1996. The shifter could be placed into neutral without the benefit of having the key in the ignition. What they had to do was to replace the shifter assembly under the recall warranty. Check with a dealer to see if this recall is still active. Sometime they expire, then it's on you. If it is still an active recall, it should cost you nothing.

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