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The barrel and receiver should have the same serial number.

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Q: How do I tell if my A5 barrel is correct for 20 gauge with serial number 309364?
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How do you tell if your A5 barrel is correct for 12 gauge with serial number 309364?

Sn on barrel and receiver should match.

What is the age of a Ithaca double barrel shotgun with serial number 181560?

if this is the correct serial number ending in "560" it was manufactured in May of 1860.

When was the serial number 6951 Winchester double barrel shotgun made?

Please include the model number of your Winchester shotgun to get a correct answer to your question along with the serial number.

Is a serial in a barrel of a gun?

The serial number is on the frame.

Is a Browning A5 12 gauge with serial number 309364 built in 1950?

1950 sn range 285001-315000 per Browning's web site.

Do they put the serial on barrel browning 12 ga made in Portagal?

Serial number will be on the frame or receiver. not the barrel

What is the Mfg date of a Marlin 1894 357 mag 18.5 inch barrel?

Please include the serial number to get a correct answer to your question.

Where can you get a copy of your firearm serial number?

The serial number should be engraved on the weapon, usually on the barrel.

1952 fn browning 243 cal.where is serial number located?

The serial number should be on the front barrel band, in some cases it is on the barrel.

What is the value of a double barrel 16gage?

In order to answer your question correctly,I would need the maker of the shotgun,model number or name,and the serial number to determine the correct answer.

Where do you find the serial number?

on the barrel or lower receiver

Where is the serial number located?

Barrel or receiver or both.

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