How do I use the Skype Global Directory?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do I use the Skype Global Directory?
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Where is the directory tab on Skype?

It was underneath the contact list on the older versions of Skype but not on later versions. That is why I will not download the newer version that Skype want me to download. I use the directory regularly on this laptop. Ben

Where is the Skype contacts directory?

SkypeContacts is a big directory of Skype users who are online and who wish to find someone to chat/call. Enjoy it!

How do you know if a person has Skype--can you look them up in a Skype directory?

If they want to be on your contacts then they will tell you their skype username

How do you remove a Skype Username completely from Skype Directory?

can not remember user name or pass word

How do you know if a person has Skype can you look them up in a Skype directory?

No you can't sorry. You have to know the persons skype name to look them up

How do i get my name in the Skype directory?

Its done automatically when you sign up!

What is peyton roi lists skypename?

If peyton is a registered name on Skype you need to go to the Skype directory to add it as a contact.

Does James Maslow from btr have a Skype if so what's his Skype name?

Not that I know so. But you can search it up In the skype directory if u have a skype. If u see it says James Maslow they might me fake so watch out.

Can you use Skype on a tablet?

You can use Skype on most tablets through the Skype app.

What does an active directory client use to locate objects in another domain?

The Global CatalogSource:Windows Server 2008 Administrator MOAC 70-646Chapter 3, Planning an Active Directory Deploymentpg. 98

What is the Active Directory component that contains a reference to all objects within Active Directory called?

Global catalog

Can you use Skype on the Nintendo Wii?

no, you cannot use skype on the wii