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take it out of the phone

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How do you make a inactive sim card to a active sim card?

You call your carrier and activate your sim card.

What is the plural of SIM card?

The plural form of SIM card is SIM cards.

Does enV3 have a SIM card?

No, it does not have a removable SIM card.

Where is the SIM card on Samsung Gusto?

it does not have a sim card.

How do you block a Scam SIM card?

U can stoct the sim card with in 120 day, the sim card will block

Can you use a Verizon prepaid sim card in a Verizon non prepaid phone?

Yes, you can if the sim card is compatible with your phone ( if the phone is for gsm sim card if your sim card is gsm your good). You just have to activate it prepaid on the website of the carrier of the sim card with the sim card 15 digit number.

What is a SIM card adaptor?

A SIM card adaptor will allow you to use a micro SIM in a standard SIM slot.

Is sim card ram or rom?

A sim card is Non of them

What is a prepaid SIM card?

a prepaid Sim card is a Sim card that you pay as you go AT&t tracfone and t-mobile

Your vodafone sim card rejected what to do now?

sim card rejected how to activate the sim mobile no:7639083856 vodafone sim

How do you unlock SIM card?

if you write your Sim card code or PUK code incorrectly many times your whole Sim card is blocked!! i suggest you should get new Sim card instead.

Does an iPhone use a sim card?

An iPhone uses a micro sim card, they are smaller, about half the size of a normal sim card.

Do iPhone 4s have a SIM card?

Yes, you can use a Micro Sim card. Contact your service provider more about this Sim card.

Where is the SIM card on samsung phones?

The Sim Card is underneath the Battery.

How does SIM card receive signals?

How does SIM card receive signals?

What can a iPhone do without a SIM card?

nothing. invest in a sim card >:(

Can you but SIM card in the iPhone?

iPhone needs a SIM card from AT&T

Do you have to use a SIM card?

Use a sim card for what. Be more specific.

What is the purpose of a Sim card reader?

A Sim card reader is used to back up a person's list of contacts on their Sim card. This enables the revival of contact information if the Sim card is lost or damaged.

Does an iPhone without a sim tray have a sim card?

No, the sim card is located in the top of the phone only.

What is fullform of SIM card?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, and CARD stands for card :)

Does a Nextel sim card work in a Blackberry 7100i?

Yes. But the sim card has to be compatible. I think the number on the sim card has to end in 310.

How can you locate a SIM card that is not in use anymore?

you can locat it by going to your service provider and serch locate sim card then type in the sim card #

Does the blackberry curve 8330 have a SIM card?

The Blackberry Curve 8330 does not have a SIM card. It is a CDMA device and therefore does not use a SIM card.

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