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In a way that expresses themselves, but also modestly, so people focus on the inner beauty and not only the outer beauty. They don't dress ugly, but not in the most fashionable, body showing way. Look it up.

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Do Jewish people dress up fancy at the Passover?

Yes, Jewish people do dress nicely for passover and at the Seder because it is a sign that it should be set apart from the rest of the year and it is a sign of freedom.

Do Jewish people dress up and dance around for Hanukkah?

Yes they do. Dancing is optional.

Do people dress up for Purim?

Yes, traditionally people dress up as the characters of the story in the Torah (Hamen, Esther, etc) but it has become almost the Jewish equivalent of Halloween.

What do Jewish people wear to church?

Jewish people don't attend church. Any who come will dress conservatively and neatly, in order not to offend any of the worshippers there while they watch.

What is the Dress code to a Jewish wedding?

"Dressy" dresses and dress suits.

What do Jewish people wear at Ramadan?

Jewish people do not recognise Ramadan (which is a Muslim celebration) as a specific time of worship, and dress as they otherwise would, or accordingly with whatever their own religion requires.

What do jewish boys dress as when they pray?

a dress and small hat and black shoes

What do Jewish people wear to a funeral?

There are no rules on what to wear to a funeral but it is customary to dress up in a modest way (no shorts / mini skirts and no sleeveless shirts) Most Jewish people will wear dark colours at a funeral.

Do Jewish people have a dress code?

According to Jewish tradition, men and married women cover their hair (for men, a small cap is enough); and men wear tzitzis (see Numbers 15:37-41). In general, Jewish tradition is to dress with dignity and modesty, avoiding clothing that is revealing, loud, or tight.

In the Jewish religion is their a course of dress code they have to abide from?

Judaism teaches that we should dress modestly, there is no specific dress code.

How do Uganda people dress?

they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people

How do a Jewish boy dress look like?

Funny thing about that ... they dress just like everybody else! I'm not kidding.You see them every day, and you don't know it. From the way they dress,you can't even tell that they're Jewish.

What is the dress code for Jewish priest?

There haven't been functioning Jewish priests for approximately 1950 years.

What is the traditional color wedding dress in a Jewish wedding?


What did Jewish people wear during the 1930s?

In Germany the Jews had long ceased wearing flowing robes or other distinctive dress by about 1850.

What do Jewish people wear on the Passover?

Everyone wears dress clothes and some men will wear a kittel (קיטל), a special white robe.

How do people dress in Mississippi?

What people from mississippi dress

How does a rabbi dress?

A Rabbi is a Jewish teacher. There is no special clothing that distinguishes a rabbi from any other Jewish person.

Do Jewish people have to dress in a certainway?

No, there is no requirement. Some Orthodox ppl choose to dress differently then others. For example: the girls wear only skirts, or the boys wear a nice shirt and pants. But, there is rely no requirement.

What is traditional Jewish dress?

There is no specific traditional dress amongst Jews. Some individual groups have their own dress modes but they are associated with very specific groups.

How do Jewish children dress?

now a days not that much different- well i am a reform Jew meaning the least strict of the sects. a lot of people tell me i don't 'look Jewish" so i ask them what does Jewish look like. the tell me little hats and long hair and shawls. THATS THE BIGGEST STEREOTYPE I HAVE EVER HERD. no!! i dress like any one else would

How do they dress up on Christmas in Israel?

Israel is mainly Jewish, so they do not celebrate Christmas. As such, they would have no reason to dress up.

What does a Jewish bride wear?

The most beautiful white wedding dress.

What does the groom wear to a Jewish wedding?

Either a tuxedo or dress suit.

What does the guy wear to a Jewish wedding?

A dress suit, tie and shoes

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