How do Koreans talk?

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by Korean!

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Q: How do Koreans talk?
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What language do the Koreans use?


What languages are spoken by Koreans?

Koreans speak Korean.

Who sided with the south Koreans and the north Koreans?


What is the population of Koreans in the Philippines?

The population of Koreans in the Philippines is 2,009.

What is Koreans in the Philippines's population?

The population of Koreans in the Philippines is 115,400.

What do Koreans eat on new years?

what do Koreans eat for new years

Why does jb hate Koreans?

he doesnt hate koreans..he's not racist..

When did Koreans come to America?

Koreans began immigrating to America in the 20th century which provided welcome opportunities for Koreans in search of a new life.

Are all Koreans single eyelid?

No. Some Koreans have natural double eyelids.

Are Koreans fake?

Some that are rude have been thinking that Koreans are fake. People who are not smart enough or not smart at all will think that Koreans are fake. But the real truth is that Koreans are not fake. Do not believe everything that is on the Internet, these were posted by people just to make fun of Koreans. Real answer and proof: No, Koreans are not fake. They are real! Koreans are 100% real. If you don't believe, you can go see real life Koreans. Who said that Koreans are fake, don't ever believe that person. Never believe everything you've heard because those were made up.

Koreans are what race?

Koreans are Ataic group: Koreans, Manchurians, Mongols, Japanese, Asian Turkish. Its all same group of people. ( Language and Culture are different).Koreans fall under the racial category Mongoloid.

What would the north Koreans and the south Koreans have to do to get reunited?

Remove all political differences. Koreans didn't create " Communist" or " Capitalism". Both were created from the west and Koreans were victimized by 36 years of Japanese military occupation. Koreans political, ecnomical, military vacuum. Koreans had no choice for communist to spread the North/ China. Capitalism to spread the South/ USA, Japan. Removing political differences would be biggest homework for United Koreans.

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