How do Scandinavians celebrate Christmas?


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Scandinavia includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden and yes, they celebrate Christmas. Here is how they celebrate it.

Denmark - Danes (people from Denmark) celebrate Juleaftensdag, literally, Yule Eve Day, on December 24th. The family gathers in the evening for a big dinner of roast pork, roast duck or roast goose. Plain potatoes, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage and gravy are also served. For dessert, rice pudding with cherry sauce is eaten and traditionally an almond is hidden inside one serving. The one who finds the almond is entitled to a small gift. After the meal, the family gathers around the Juletræ to sing Christmas carols and dance around the tree. Children then hand out the presents, which are opened immediately. When the gifts have been opened, candy, chips, nuts and clemantines are served. Along with them, Glogg (mulled and spiced wine with almonds and raisins) may be served hot in small cups.

December 25 (Forste Juledag - the first day of or after Christmas) and December 26 (Anden Juledag -the second day of or after Christmas). Those days consist of relaxed family socializing and enjoying leftovers from the Juleaften meal.

Norway - The term for Christmas in Norway is "jul" or "jol." Rather than a one day event, it is a season lasting from around mid December to mid January consisting of five phases: Advent, Julaften, Romjul, Nyttår, and Holy Three Kings' Day (Epiphany), which is the thirteenth and final day of the season.. The main event is Christmas Eve which begins with the ringing of church bells throughout the country on the afternoon of December 24. The Christmas meal is eaten and the gifts are exchanged on that day.

Finland - The Christmas season in Finland starts on the first Sunday in December, which is called the First Advent. Advent calendars are used by many children to count the days to Christmas Eve.

The day of Saint Lucia is celebrated on December 13. Every town has a formal celebration with lots of candles and a young girl crowned with a candle crown. Christmas tree shopping and decorating, as well as exchanging Christmas cards time is coming.

On Christmas Eve, people attend mass and visit a Finnish sauna. Many families visit cemeteries to remember the dead. For lunch, they have porridge with an almond hidden in it. The one who finds the almond has to sing a song.

Christmas dinner is served between 5 and 7 on Christmas Eve and traditionally consists of oven-baked ham, rutabaga casserole, beetroot salad, and similar holiday foods. Christmas carols and local Christmas songs are sung and presents are usually given out in the evening during a personal visit from the local Santa Claus.

Officially, Christmas ends 13 days after Christmas Day.

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