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How do Sims accept a proposal on Sims Castaway?


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August 20, 2010 1:57AM

"Afta livin' togetha fer a while, u have tah git da male 2 propose 2 da gurl. she turns him down 5 - 10 timez den once ur friendship status iz back 2 100, da gurl will start havin' really long chats wit da man. Dats when u git da male 2 propose, she agrees."

After they've been living together for awhile, you have to get the male to propose to the girl. She will turn him down 5 - 10 times. Then, once your friendship status is back to 100, the girl will start having really long chats with the man. That's when you get the male to propose and she agrees.


First, be sure to make the Marriage Beanie and Marriage Lei before asking. Second, make sure both your sims have maxed out moods. Third, make sure both of them have a friendship status of 100.

Don't be discouraged when your sims refuse the proposal, just make sure the two continuously interact with one another on a daily basis and keep their moods up. It might be a good idea to have the sims "argue" with any alternative love interests they have until they no longer have any "romance" options. This will discourage cheating and the corresponding relationship status drop.