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Space shuttles work by utilizing three major components to reach their destination. There are two rocket boosters that are critical for the launch itself and the external fuel tank that carries enough fuel for the launch. The orbiter is the component that carries the astronauts and payload. The boosters are ignited to launch the shuttle and separate shortly after launch. When the orbiter reaches its optimum height, the external fuel tanks separate. The orbiter is then set for the orbital path it will follow around the earth. When the orbiter is ready to return to the earth it will use an engine retrofire to leave its orbit and descend to re-enter the earth's atmosphere where it will land.

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Does electricity work in space?

Electricity works in space because it has been proven to work on the space shuttles. Electricity has also been proven to work on the space stations.

Why do space shuttles land in Houston?

Space Shuttles do not land in Houston

What are the names of space shuttles being built?

NASA space shuttles

What are space shuttles used for-?

Space shuttles are used for astronauts who are making journeys from Earth into space.

What energy is made from space shuttles?

Space shuttles use energy, not make it

What layer of the atmosphere do space shuttles fly in?

Space shuttles fly in the thermosphere.

What are space shuttles?

Space shuttles are plane like vehicles that travel in space, i hope that answered your question

How do shuttles and stations get into space?

Stations are built in space; Shuttles use rocket boosters.

Names of space shuttles first used in 1980?

No space shuttles were used in 1980.

How many space shuttles have crashed?

3 space shuttles have crashed so far

Where does the Canadian Space Agency launch shuttles from?

no place, nobody has space shuttles anymore

Are the Space Shuttles going to fly again?

It is not expected that the Space Shuttles will fly again.

What do shuttles do in space?

space shuttles fix all kinds off satelites they help fix any kind of spacecraft.the space shuttles have been launching since 1977 from shuttles are very useful space craft to help fix things in outer space .by George Philip if you like space shuttles a lot there is a Lego set

Why the US space shuttles were built?

The US space shuttles were built to take astronauts into space and build the International Space Station.

Why do you have space shuttles?

The question is a little moot, since we don't have space shuttles any more.

How many space shuttles existed in 2011?

4 Space Shuttles existed in 2011. Including the test vehicle, Space Shuttle Enterprise. Space Shuttles that actually went into space? 3. Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.

Do shuttles use nuclear fuel?

If you mean space shuttles, the answer is no.

Do shuttles carry people?

if you are talking about space shuttles yes they do.

What is the difference between space rockets and space shuttles?

space shuttles were made to be reusable, rockets were used only once

How many space shuttles does NASA have?

Currently NASA have three space shuttles Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

How many space shuttles are built every year?

No new space shuttles are being built at this time.

What do space shuttles have in common?

they fly to space

Is there bacteria in space shuttles when they are in space?


What are space shuttles use for?

To go into space!

What technology have you gotten from space shuttles?

space shuttles wel i guess they help satttlites or omething if no I'm sorry space shuttles wel i guess they help satttlites or omething if no I'm sorry