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Tasmanian devils don't interact with other species much except the ones that they hunt, which of course, they hunt and kill for food.

They are solitary, so they don't regularly interact with each other.

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What is the Tasmanian devil afraid of?

Tasmanian devils do not fear other animals, but they do have a healthy fear of humans.

What animals compete with each other for food?

komodo dragons and Tasmanian devils.

Do Tasmanian devils hunt in packs?

No. Tasmanian devils tend to be solitary hunters, although they may feed with other Tasmanian devils.

When do Tasmanian devil like to sleep?

Tasmanian devils like to sleep just like most of all the other animals

What is the name for a group of Tasmanian devils?

Tasmanian devils do not live in groups, but are solitary animals. Where numerous individuals live within reasonable range of each other, it is known as a colony.

Do Tasmanian devils have fur?

Yes. Like many other mammals, Tasmanian devils have fur.

Does a Tasmanian devil eat another Tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

Do Tasmanian devils eat rabbits?

Yes: Tasmanian devils eat rabbits, as well as other small mammals.

Are Tasmanian devils territorial?

No. Despite being aggressive animals that fight for dominance when they are feeding on a carcass, making ferocious growls and screams as they feed, research has shown that Tasmanian devils are not actually territorial. If an animal is territorial, it will defend its home range. Tasmanian devils do have a home range, but they do not fight over their range, instead sharing overlapping areas with other Tasmanian devils as a communal latrine.

Do Tasmanian devils hurt or help humans?

Tasmanian devils do not harm humans in any way. The Tasmanian devil performs the useful function of helping to keep the environment clean by eating carrion (dead animals). This limits the prevalence of flies and the possibility of diseases resulting from decaying flesh of other animals.

Do Tasmanian devils get along with other Tasmanian devils?

Tasmanian devils are solitary creatures and do not socialise with others of their species except for the purpose of reproduction. They are very territorial, however, and will fight over food. One of the reasons the Devil Facial Tumour Disease is such a problem is that it is transmitted by the Tasmanian devils biting each other.

How many Tasmanian devils have died in the world?

It can never be determined how many Tasmanian devils (or any other species of animal, for that matter) have died in the world. These animals have been around for thousands of years, and have died from a variety of causes.

Is poaching killing Tasmanian Devils?

No. Poaching is not a problem affecting Tasmanian devils. There are numerous other threats to this animal, but poaching is not one of them.

What have humans done to the Tasmanian devil's habitat?

Tasmanian devils' habitat has been cleared by humans, rendering the Tasmanian devil more vulnerable to being hit by cars. Humans have also introduced other predatorial animals such as the fox, which feed on the same mammals as Tasmanian devils, leading to greater competition for food.

Does the Tasmanian devil mate for life?

Tasmanian devils do not mate for life. Tasmanian devils are not even remotely monogamous. Even after the females mate, they are likely to mate with other males.

How do Tasmanian Devils hunt?

Tasmanian devils are nocturnal hunters and feeders. They can hunt by pouncing on smaller mammals such as possums but they are also effective scavengers, eating carrion, or the remains of dead animals: fur, bones, and all. Tasmanian devils tend to be solitary hunters, although they may feed with other Tasmanian devils. They should not be confused with the Thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger (now extinct), which may have used a pack-hunting strategy for larger prey, although fossil evidence indicates it, too, was usually a solitary hunter. Tasmanian devils do not form packs. Tasmanian devils have an excellent sense of smell. They are said to have the most powerful bite for their size of any animal.

What other animals eat grass and meat?

bears sometimes eat grass or vegetationThe Tasmanian devils eat grass, insects and meat.

Do Tasmanian devils migrate?

No. Tasmanian devils do not migrate. Like other Australian marsupials, they remain in the same territory through all the seasons, all year around.

Do Tasmanian devils eat each other?

No. Tasmanian devils feed on prey smaller than themselves, or on carrion. the only time a Tasmanian devil will eat one of its own kind is if it's already dead.

What do Tasmanian Devils eat and like?

Tasmanian devils are carnivores, meaning they feed on a variety of other animals. They feed on mammals up to the size of a wallaby, birds, reptiles and even insects. They hunt live animals, and they also feed on carcasses, serving the very useful function of cleaning up the environment of dead animals.They are solitary animals, preferring to hunt and feed alone, and they become aggressive with any other Tasmanian devils that might be nearby when they are feeding. They also like to hide in caves, old wombat burrows, or thick undergrowth during the daytime, as they are nocturnal.

How do elephants interact with other animals?

they do not interact with other animals

Do comodo dragons and Tasmanian devils compete?

No. Tasmanian Devils are indigenous to Tasmania, Australia. Komodo Dragons are indigenous to Indonesia. Therefore, they should not even meet each other.

How are Tasmanian devils important to their ecosystem?

Tasmanian devils perform a very important function within their niche. They feed on carrion, which is the carcasses of dead animals, thereby cleaning up the environment. Apart from the native quoll and the introduced fox, there are no other mammal predators in Tasmania, so the Tasmanian devil is an important link in the food chain.

Does the Tasmanian devil carry diseases?

Tasmanian devils do not carry any diseases which may be passed on to humans. However, they are at risk of Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), a fatal cancer which is transmitted to other Tasmanian devils through biting.

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