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Kiss him first. They usually get the message after that.

well look at his eyes then at his lips then back at his eyes that usually works but if he doesn't get the message that's when you kiss him !

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Q: How do You say I want A kiss From A Friend that's a boy?
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I am a boy and he is a boy and you want to kiss him from his mouth what should you do?

Better make sure he wants you to kiss him. He might not want to be affectionate with you. He might hit you or stop being your friend.

How do you make out with your boy friend?

kiss them until you don't want to do it any more

I have a Best friend who is single and is a boy and i want to kiss him but im scared and embarrassed. what do i do?

Just kiss him and get it over with... or find out if he likes you then if he does go for it

How do you get a boy friend at the age of 9?

you kiss the boy

When does your boyfriend kiss you?

Your boy friend will kiss you wen he loves you.

How do you get a boy to kiss you at age 11?

thats a little early for kissing

How do you make a boy like you if he is your friend?

This is not my area of expertise. But, if he's your friend her already likes you. If you want to advance the friendship you might try surprising him with a kiss. By surprising I mean without asking or warning just kiss him.

Im 13 i never kissed a boy should i kiss a friend or should i wait and kiss a boy i like more then a friend?

don't just kiss someone to kiss someone wait to find someone you really care about

How do i get the boy i like to kiss me if he has a girl friend?


What do you talk about to make a boy want to kiss?

Talk About How Much You Want A Kiss From Him

How do you get your boy friend to kiss you?

well you should talk to the boy about it and see if he is ready for it

What does it mean when you dream about a friend that's a boy that you kiss?

A friend that you kissed ? But which kind of kiss was that. Whatever it be, it seems that you have a strong affection about him.