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You sit down with both parents at the same time. Come to the table with a plan in your mind, if you have one. Such as, how is this baby going to be taken care of, who will take the baby to the doctor, who will be financially responsible, at 14 years old in most states, you cannot work. Do me a favor, if your not pregnant, practice safe sex or abstenance in the future. You are way too young to have a baby. Be sure you think about how this is going to affect the rest of your life. If you are pregnant and choose not to keep the child, there are wonderful, loving couples in America that will pay you to be surrogate and or adopt the child afterward. Either way those are wonderful options to consider at your age. You're not the first to be in this situation and your parents are not the first to hear this type of news. My opinion is that you each tell your own parents at the same time, you with your parents, him with his parents, in each respective home. Then the two families need to get together with you and your boyfriend to plan the future.

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Q: How do a 14-year-old and her boyfriend tell their parents that she is pregnant?
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You're screwed.

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If you have a pregnant friend and she is scared of telling anyone besides you and your boyfriend what do you do?

encourage her to tell her parents. Go with her to give her more confidence. The boyfriend should also be there to face the situation.

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Well, you should accompany your daughter and the boyfriend to his parents and let them tell them, and inform his parents that you do not plan on being the only grandparent involved.....

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First, ask your mother to take you to the doctor to verify if you are pregnant. You can then tell the boyfriend. As a child, you should expect your parents to lead the way to what happens next. Answer Just say "I'm pregnant". Then decide what you want to do regarding keeping it, adoption or abortion and if you decide to keep it, invite him and his parents so they know too. I would say your biggest issue is not telling him you are pregnant.

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First tell them that you are pregnant then tell them that you know what you did was wrong but that you thought you were ready for that type of commitment.

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You tell your daughter that you got pregnant by her boyfriend.

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Yes, its not just your baby.

I am 15 pregnant and have religious parents who don't know yet My boyfriend is very supportive and doing all he can to help get ready for the baby How do I tell my ย parents?

You have to be completely serious and sit down with them and tell them straight out, there is no easy way.

What if your sister has a boyfriend and my parents dont no?

Well, if you know that she has a boyfriend that's great. But never let your parents know. Let your sister tell them. Talk with your sister and convince her to tell your parents.

Can parents tell a 17 or 16 year old girls they cant have a boyfriend?

Can parents tell a 17 year old that they can have a boyfriend if the guy is like 15

What if you're 12 and pregnant and your 18-year-old boyfriend wants nothing to do with you what should you do?

You HAVE to tell your parents because you can't handle this problem alone!

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Just say dad (but i prefer mom) I have something to confess and tell them!!AnswerJust say dad (but i prefer mom) I have something to confess and tell them!! Don't hide it. A boyfriend is something that shouldn't be hidden. If you are to scared to tell your parents, then what's the point about a boyfriend. Parents then boyfriends

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Why tell them you might be pregnant instead of taking the test first? Then you sit them down and tell them straight out that you are other pregnant. You can also tell your mom first when you are alone if that is easier. The father should also tell his parents.

If your pregnant can you move out of your parents house in Florida?

If you are 18 or older. If not you are pregnant minor and still your parents responsiblity and they can tell you what to do.

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Maybe yes.

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If you're a good daughter, you have