Acids and Bases

How do acids feel?

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burning and sour

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Why do acids feel slippery?

Acids don't feel slippery, bases do

Do acids or bases feel slippery?

Bases do feel slippery.

Why does acid feel slippery?

Acids do not feel slippery. Bases do.

What do acids feel like?

they can possibly burn you

What do acids and bases feel like?


Does acids feel rough or does a base?


Is acids or base slippery?

bases feel slippery to the touch; acids generally act as a degreaser.

Do acids feel soapy?

No. Bases feel soapy. Though feeling either is not recommended.

Do bases feel slippery and neutralize acids?


Do bases or acids feel rough?

If in mineral form, they would feel as rough as any other rock. If put directly on skin, however, bases feel soapy (because they literally turn your skin into soap) and acids feel like a burning sensation (for a short time; then they burn out your nerve endings and you can't feel anything).

What does hydrochloric acid feel like?

It is not advised to feel hydrochloric acid because of the fact that it is an acid. Therefore, acids will mainly feel like a burning sensation.

What are the differences in acids and bases?

Acids is a substance that has the following properties. *Acids have sour taste. *Acids cause color changes in plant dyes * Acids react with certain metals,such as Zinc,Aluminum,and Magnesium, to produce hydrogen gas. Base have a bitter taste. Base feel slippery. Base react with acids to produce salts and water. Base are corrosive.

What is acid-base property?

Acids can conduct electricity, have a sour taste, and bases will neutralize its properties. Bases can conduct electricity, feel slippery, and acids will neutralize its properties.

Do acids feel slippery between your fingers because they react with the skin cells on your fingers?

acid burns your skin so I doubt it would feel slippery.

How do the organic acids came to be used in labs?

Simple organic acids are used for oil and gas well stimulation treatments. It came to be used when chemists need the feel of chemical reaction of oxygen with the carbon atoms and successfully done different experiments. These acids are much weaker than the mineral acids and do not dissociate completely in water.

What is base of science?

Bases feel slippery, change litmus blue, and become less basic when mixed with acids.

What are the characteristic of acid and base in daily life?

There's a lot of characteristics of acids and bases, but the most common ways to tell are; acids tends to have sour tastes and bases tend to have a slippery-soapy feel.

What are properties of acids and bases?

Acids:taste sourhave a pH of lower than sevenBases:taste bitterfeel soapy upon touchinghave a pH of higher than sevenand I'll try to get more...

What effect does alpha hydroxy acid have on the skin?

Alpha hydroxy acids, also known as AHAs, are found in some cosmetics. The claim for alpha hydroxy acids is that they reduce wrinkles and improve the look and feel of one's skin.

Why are mineral acids strong acids?

Not all mineral acids are strong acids.

What are the properties of acids and bases?

Acids:Many acids are corrosive, meaning they destroy body tissue and clothing, and many are also poisonous. Acids react with some metals to produce hydrogen gas. Solutions of acids conduct an electric current because acids break apart to form inos in water.Bases:Like acids, many bases are corrosive. If you are using a base in an experiment and your fingers begin to feel slippery, it might mean that some of the base got on your hands. Solutions of bases conduct an electric current because bases for ions in water.Hope this helps!

Why does my tongue feel burnt with red bumps?

because you probably have inflamed tastebuds from too many citric acids, or to much sugar

Why segregate inorganic acids from organic acids?

why do we segregate inorganic acids from organic acids

Differentiate acids from bases as to their characteristics?

Acids: contain the hydrogen (H+) ion, taste sour, are corrosive, are electrolytic in solution. Bases: contain the hydroxide (OH-) ion, taste bitter, feel slippery, are caustic, are electrolytic in solution.

Are acids slipper?

I would say you are asking if acid is slippery. Bases have a denaturing effect on proteins that makes them slippery. If you touch bases, like drano or soap, you would find them slippery. Acids simply feel like water.

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