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How do airport fire trucks work?

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airport fire trucks work the same as any other fire truck, accept the contols are in side so as to keep firefighters safer in the case of a fuel explosion. also the airport trucks are much larger so they can carry a lot more foam to fight fire with

2006-11-06 23:46:39
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Q: How do airport fire trucks work?
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Why are airport fire trucks green and not red?

Airport fire trucks come in a variety of colors green,red & yellow and is down to local preference, night operations prove no real advantage in either color so florescent markings are used for vehicle markings.

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Fire trucks come in a wide variety of colours. Most people think all fire trucks are red, but they come in a wide variety of colours. In Chicago all their fire trucks are black and red. In the city of Clearwater, FL their first trucks are a neon orange. In Hawaii their fire trucks are a bright yellow. In Miami, FL their fire trucks are a neon green. In Thorton, IL their fire trucks are green. In Goshen, CO their fire trucks are blue. In Barbeton, OH their fire trucks are purple. In Northfolk, MA their fire trucks are black.

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What type of fire truck pumps foam?

most trucks around here at least have foam on every engine tanker quint and brush truck All Airport Crash Fire Engines pump Foam. It's the most effective agent in dealing with an airplane accident.

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