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How do animal liberationists view the vilification of the snake in the Bible?


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The snake is the villain?

I guess that all depends on how you interpret it ; P

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a snake in the garden of eden, and a donkey

the snake is the symbolic animal for temptation.... since it is said in the christian bible, a snake tempted eve to eat from the forbidden tree..=)

A 'serpent', typically thought of to be the snake, who was controlled by Saitin

"Snake" is mentioned 24 times in the New International Version of the Bible. "Snake" is not mentioned in the King James Version of the Bible. However, "serpent" is mentioned 36 times in the King James Version of the Bible.

Francis the Talking Mule is Not holy Writ!- apart from the demonic snake- there are no Mr. Ed,. Francis, etcl. types in the Bible, nor are talking birds mentioned.

The King James Version of the Bible uses "serpent" instead of "snake." The word "serpent" is in the King James Version of the Bible 39 times. It is in 35 verses.

yes mostly any type of fair sized animal can kill a snake depending of size of snake and animal.

The snake is not offered as an animal, but players can buy a snake as a pet, for 400 gems. This pet can then be used for the "Ssssnake" pet game.

The chinese animal of 2001 is the snake.

Yes all snakes crawl on their ribs, as they do not have legs or hands. In the bible in the book of Genesis god punished the snake for its part in the fall of Adam and Eve. That snake would crawl on its belly and it would be the most hated animal by man.

Yes, snake is a proper noun as it is an animal.

yes snakes are animal, reptiles to be exact.

A snake is an animal that rhymes with rake.

a serpent is a snake, it is a type of reptile, but it is an animal.

The snake does not have a neck.

Absolutely not!!!

it is just another word for snake-OK, then was the snake a real live snake?

According to the Bible, yes: Genesis: 3:1-5 Snake (Satan) Numbers: 22:21-33 Donkey

Slytherin's animal symbol is a snake/serpent.

The mongoose is a very well known snake killer.

You have answered your own question ! The King Cobra is a snake

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