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Q: How do animals in the taiga biome work together?
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How can a biome continue to prosper?

A biome can continue to prosper by the animals and plants in it continuing to work together. All their contributions matter, just like a human neighborhood.

When animals work together its called?

When animals work together, (i.e: hunting) it is usually called 'pack mentality'

How do social animals work together for protection?

they use there animal senses to work together as a team

What is the term for organs that work together?

plants and animals have many organs that work together in an organ is

When plants and animals work together they?


How do animals and plants work together in a arctic biome?

well... every animal is designed to do something for example polar bears are designed to stick out the arctic or like the koala their are designed to stick out hot weather even tough they had heavy fur

What is the importance of studying the parts of animals?

You study the parts of animals so that you can understand how they work together, and so that you can understand how our own parts work.

What is the biome of the griffin?

ths does not work

How does the Sharah work as an ecosystem?

it has a diverse variety of plants and animals that live together

Plant and animals in the area functioning together with their surroundings?

I am in middle school and i think i know. they work together in a ecosystem. The animals and plants need another for Life.

Do zoos and wildlife centers work together to save the giant pandas?

yes these places do work together to save these endangered speices. They do as much as they both can to save these intelligent animals.

Why are coyotes tricky?

they work in team so when they get animals that they like to eat they work together so the animals get caught surprised because the other coyote stays on the other place so they could get the animal