How do animals survive without food and water?

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They don't

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Q: How do animals survive without food and water?
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Can cats survive without food?

Cats are resilient animals and they are fairly tough. Though, no living thing can survive without food or water.

How animals survive in the grassland?

the y can survive on food and water.

How long can animals survive without food?

It depends on the age and where they live. Animals with abundant amounts of food may not survive without food for two days because of the way they adapt. Animals where food is scarce are more likely to survive because they are used to not having food.

How do animals adapt and survive in the city?

Animals survive in the city by drinking water and eating food.

What does an animal need to survive and grow?

Food, water and light (though some animals have adapted to do without the latter)

What do all animals have to do to survive?

All animals have to have food, water, and shelter.

What do the plants and animals need to survive?

food and water

Can people survive without food or water?


What problem people have faced during drought occur?

There is a lack of food and water would survive without food but we cannot survive without water

What animals can survive without food for a long time?

Animals that hibernate and cold blooded animals living in warm climates can survive for extended periods without eating (hibernating bears can go without food for 3 or 4 months

10 water facts?

humans can survive longer without water then without food

How long can someone survive without water?

While the body can survive without food for about five weeks, the body cannot survive without water for longer than three days. " An average adult male can survive for 30 to 40 days without food.

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