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How do antibiotics kill bacteria?

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Antibiotics work by weakening the cells walls of bacteria and causing them to burst. However, this only works for some bacteria, so antibiotics cannot destroy all bacteria.

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What do antibiotics do to bacteria?

Theoretically antibiotics kill bacteria. However not all antibiotics kill all bacteria - you have to match the right antibiotic to the right bacteria.

What type of drugs can kill bacteria?

Antibiotics can kill bacteria

What do antibiotics kill?

They kill bacteria. They do not kill viruses.

Can viruses be cured with antibiotics?

No. Antibiotics kill bacteria.

How do antibiotics control disease?

Antibiotics kill bacteria.

Drug that can kill bacteria?

Drugs that can kill bacteria are called 'antibiotics'.

Why cant you use antibiotics to kill virus but bacteria can be killed by antibiotics?

Because bacteria and viruses are two completely different things. Antibiotics - as their name implies - will kill bacteria, but antibiotics simply have no effect on viruses.

What is the difference between antibiotics and disinfectants?

Antibiotics kill bacteria before the bacteria enter your body and disinfectants kill bacteria before they enter your body

What is an explanation of how antibiotics kill bacteria?

antibiotics kill bacteria by penicillin that works by weakening the cell walls of some bacteria and causing the cells to burst

What drugs kill bacteria?


Why do antibiotics kill bacteria for?


Which pathogens do antibiotics kill?


Is antiviral same as antibiotic?

No. Antivirals work to limit the reproduction of viruses, and antibiotics work to kill bacteria. Antivirals do not kill bacteria, and antibiotics do not kill viruses.

What kind of drugs can kill bacteria?

The types of drugs that can kill bacteria are called 'antibiotics'.

Why are antibiotics effective against bacteria but not viruses?

because antibiotics Kill BACTERIA only and cant kill viruses. Viruses are different pathogens.

Why are antibiotics not used on viral infections?

Antibiotics kill bacteria but not viruses.

What is the difference between bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics?

Bactericidal antibiotics kill bacteria. Bacteriostatic antibiotics limit or slows the growth of bacteria.

Antibiotics fight infections by?

They Kill Bacteria

Do antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria?


The medicines that kill bacteria are called?


What types of organisms do antibiotics kill?


What type of microorganisms do antibiotics kill?


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What is the term for drugs that kill bacteria?


Why do antibiotics not work on flu?

because antibiotics only kill bacteria, they cannot kill flu (a virus).

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