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How do ask a boy out on a date?

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Same as boys ask girls. Just ask him.

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Should a boy ask me on a date?

Traditionally, it would be the boy. You can ask the boy on the date though, it can go either way.

How do you get a boy to date u?

There is no way to force a boy to date you. You can ask the boy on a date and see what he says.

What questions to ask a boy during a date?

It depend on you and the boy. Ask what you wish to know.

How to get a boy to take you on a date?

ask him.

What if you like a boy?

gest ask him out,on a date.

Can a girl ask a boy out on a date?


How do you ask a boy out on a date in fourth grade?

You Don't.

How do you ask someone your on a date?

well are you a boy askimg a girl or a girl asking a boy????

What do you do about a boy you love?

Ask him out on a date or something to show him your love

How do you get a boy that you like to date you in elementary school?

ask him if he says no punch him

What can a boy do to go out with a girl?

First you get to be friends with her and then you ask her out to lunch and say that its not a date just as friends and then you ask her to the movies a couple days after and then you ask her on a date after a couple weeks or so...

How do you date a boy?

Answeryou ask your friend if they will help you then you have to make your friend to ask them then you will go out DONT ACT TO DESPERATE

Should girls ask boys out on a date?

You can if you want. If you do ask a boy out it may seem like your desperate.

How could you ask out a 14 year old farm boy?

Ask him if he'd like to date you, is all.

What is the best way to ask a boy on a date?

I myself is a boy so a would say just go up and ask him. Some boys like myself are a little shy around women so even if we like you we might not ask you on a date.

What do you say to a boy if he asks you on a date?

When a guy ask you out on a date you say yes if you like him and let him down easy if you don't like him. If a boy asks you out and he is not the guy you were looking for, don't say yes and gently let him down. But if the boy is the boy you were looking for, then say yes and ask him to pick you up.

How do you date a boy who flirts with you but when you ask him out he says no?

It seem you do not date such a boy, he may just enjoy flirting and isn't truly into you romantically, or he may be gay (unless you are a boy asking, in which case, straight)

Can a girl ask a boy for a date in the 1950?

It was not the custom but it certainly happened a little.

If you have a crush on a girl and your a boy how do you get her to go on a date with you?

you ask her. really it's that easy ask to go to the movies or something.

Shold girl ask a boy out to a date?

It's the 21st Century, girls can ask boys out on dates now.

How do you ask you boy on a date?

Sorry but this question is already answered! You can`t ask out a boy! It vialates the girl code!Guys ask out the girls and that sthe classic way!Let that be a lesson learned.

How do you get an 12 year old boy out on a date?

simple you ask him or if your really shy like me, then get your friends to ask him out for you, or if your that type, get your friends and his friends to set him up on a blind date with you

Can a girl named kimmy date a boy named Anthony?

it doesn't matter about names you could just ask them on a date

How can you attract your crush?

If your a girl .. then do the bend and snap and fiddle wiht your hair and if your a boy.... then ask her out for dinner or ask her on a date <3

How do you date a boy that's gay?

Are you a boy, too? Then ask him out. Are you a girl? Then you're out of luck: he's gay and will never be romantically interested in you. Find a new crush to ask out instead.