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How does critical thinking affect you as a reader and writer?

Critical thinking helps you know what the author is talking about, and it helps you relate to the text. I guess it could even make it more fun to read. It would also help make your writing more accurate, descriptive, and somewhat entertaing.

How does a allele relate to a gene?

good thinking

What are the differences between sensing perceiving and thinking and how do they relate to the observation process?

when we take in data w/o preconceptions we are sensing; when we focus on particular sensations and catergorize them according to our memory system, we are perceiving; and when we draw conclusions about their patterns and meaning, we are thinking. (thinking for yourself 29) you sense a ball coming straight for your face, the sensing goes from the eyes to the brain, your brain percieves this message and turns it into a thought. therefor you are observing this and your brain is organizing. ge 104/114- critical thinking and problem solving, exercize 1

How do IQ scores relate to achievement and thinking ability?


Why does the famous quote by Rene Decarte I think therefore I am relate directly to the cognitive paradigm?

Only humans are capable of knowing that they have the capacity to think. Descartes' statement is a reflection of thinking being a cognitive ability. Thinking is a cognitive process and to know you are thinking means you are alive and are a human being.

What is an example sentence of relating in an objective manner?

To relate to a subject in an objective manner, you must approach it sans-bias, using only facts on which to base your thinking and subsequent reporting.Here is an example sentence of "relating in an objective manner":"In a controversial news story, it is critical that a reporter relate to the story in an objective manner."

What reasons were used by Monroe to justify this foreign policy pronouncement and how do they relate to arguments made during the revolutionary and early republic periods?

You need to do this question.We don't do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

Relate how science and technology affects mans belief practices thinking?


How do you relate a process with the term race condition and critical section?

The race condition was that the horses I bet on had to finish in first, second and third places. However, at a critical section during the race, my horse stumbled, and I lost my money. I was not at the event, but a friend related the process to me. I was doing something else concurrently, but managed to follow the whole thread without getting into a spin, due to my friend's creative use of semaphore flags.

How do political parties relate to today?

They are in control of the political process.

What is critical theology?

Critical theology is the study of religion and God from an analytical and often comparative point of view. Critical Theologians actively relate faith traditions and practices to their historical roots and meaning, and compare them to those found in other faiths.

How did the English peoples reasons for coming to the New World relate to the American core values of freedom Individualism epuality and growth?

You need to answer this question because we don't do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. The teacher is not looking for our answers.

How does scientific thinking benefit your daily life?

well it is everywhere and there is nothing that doesn's relate to science

How can you relate the process of evaporation in plant growth?

spicy spider legs

How does Newton's laws of motion relate to Aristotle views on motion?

newton doesn't have answer this question because he have an open and critical mindidness

How would you describe the Amendment process?

The amendment process is when they go throught the amendmentsand pick out the ones that best relate to the topic.

How does fishing relate to physical science?

The use of the technology equipment in the fishing process?

How does the rock cycle relate to the principle of uniformitarianism?

The rock cycle is a geologic process

How does artificial selection relate to evolution?

It does not, it is the process involved in selective breeding which is nothing to do with evolution.

What software can you use to display a process tree that shows how processes relate yielding more information than given by task manager?

Process Explorer

How can you relate statement and proof in your daily life?

Most people go their daily lives without thinking of proof - more's the pity!

How does triage relate to critical injury?

Triage is the evaluation of injury -- the most critical, life-threatening is decided to be of the first priority and is treated first. The next most serious is treated next and so on. Triage is the method by which the patients are assigned priority for treatment.

How process and threads relate to CPU architecture?

A process is a program in execution,it needs resources like CPU time,memory,files and i\o devices to accomplish its task. Threads are lightweight process

If the critical angle for a piece of plastic is 40 degrees what is the index of refraction?

the refractive index(n) and the critical angle( c) relate to each other with the formula as n = 1/sin c. solving using this, the n = 1/sin 40 = 1.556.

What are the purposes of nursing research?

Intellectual curiosity - The nurse researcher undertake inquiry and serious thinking about situations and problems affecting nurses and nursing.Creative thinking - Coupled with the ability to go beyond what already exist and develop various ways of doing things.Critical thinking - Clinical expertise and a working knowledge of the scientific problem-solving technique help to a great extent in formalizing the study.Ability to relate their study to known theory - Through scholarly thinking and to articulate this in precise and organized manner.Patience and discipline to see the study.Intellectual honesty - Researchers are honest in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data.