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Give three different examples of when periodization can be utilized

Will the birth of Jesus always be the reference point for telling time

What do abbreviations BC and AD mean

Which of these early historians was more concerned with clearly presenting facts than telling an interesting story

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Q: How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking?
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How does critical thinking affect you as a reader and writer?

Critical thinking helps you know what the author is talking about, and it helps you relate to the text. I guess it could even make it more fun to read. It would also help make your writing more accurate, descriptive, and somewhat entertaing.

How does a allele relate to a gene?

good thinking

How does the fact that general zaroff is a Cossacks relate to the plot of the story?

You need to answer this question because we don't do your homework and it is asking for your opinion and to show your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the the lesson.

How do IQ scores relate to achievement and thinking ability?


What are the differences between sensing perceiving and thinking and how do they relate to the observation process?

when we take in data w/o preconceptions we are sensing; when we focus on particular sensations and catergorize them according to our memory system, we are perceiving; and when we draw conclusions about their patterns and meaning, we are thinking. (thinking for yourself 29) you sense a ball coming straight for your face, the sensing goes from the eyes to the brain, your brain percieves this message and turns it into a thought. therefor you are observing this and your brain is organizing. ge 104/114- critical thinking and problem solving, exercize 1

Why does the famous quote by Rene Decarte I think therefore I am relate directly to the cognitive paradigm?

Only humans are capable of knowing that they have the capacity to think. Descartes' statement is a reflection of thinking being a cognitive ability. Thinking is a cognitive process and to know you are thinking means you are alive and are a human being.

What is an example sentence of relating in an objective manner?

To relate to a subject in an objective manner, you must approach it sans-bias, using only facts on which to base your thinking and subsequent reporting.Here is an example sentence of "relating in an objective manner":"In a controversial news story, it is critical that a reporter relate to the story in an objective manner."

Relate how science and technology affects mans belief practices thinking?


What is the process of picking up information and relate it to the brain?

SensationAPEX :)

How do political parties relate to today?

They are in control of the political process.

How does scientific thinking benefit your daily life?

well it is everywhere and there is nothing that doesn's relate to science

What is critical theology?

Critical theology is the study of religion and God from an analytical and often comparative point of view. Critical Theologians actively relate faith traditions and practices to their historical roots and meaning, and compare them to those found in other faiths.

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