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Effects of AvalanchesAvalanches affect people and the environment by crushing villages and causing power and water supplies to get cut off. They also destroy forested areas so that animals no longer have their homes. If people or animals are in the path of the avanlance, they bury them alive and can crush them.
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Q: How do avalanches affect the environment and people?
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What can people do to stop avalanches?

by making the environment better

How do avalanches affect people?

breaks down towns and stops electrisety flow people die!

How frequently do avalanches occur?

There are several hundred avalanches a season in mountains worldwide, but most do not affect people. On the Alps and similar ranges, there are a few dozen fatalities per year.

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How does avalanches affect the earth?

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How many people die of avalanches a year?

About 250 people die of avalanches each year.

Are avalanches powerful?

Yes. Avalanches can be very devastating to the people near.

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How many people are killed by avalanches each year?

Approximately 150 people die in avalanches each year. According to National geographic. Most avalanches are started by people that result in fatalities.

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People underneath them.

How many people die from avalanches per year?

Approximately 52 people die from avalanches worldwide every year.

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