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Babies do not actually grow inside a person's stomach. Rather, two people have sexual intercourse and a tiny egg inside the woman's uterus is fertilized. The baby grows for all nine months inside the uterus, until her water breaks and she gives birth.

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How do babies go to mama stomach?

They don't. Babies grow in the womb, not the stomach.

Why babies do not grow in the stomach?

Because the stomach contains Hydrochloric Acid which is very strong. If babies were born in the stomach they would instantly die...

What do babies eat in the stomach?

Babies eats all the nutrients from their mothers.

Do babies cry in a moms stomach?

No. They do not.

How do you know if a mouse has had babies?

by its stomach

Can babies sleep on their stomach?


How do women have babies How do they get in the stomach amd out?

Theres a egg in their stomach and they birth out from the pitpit.

What are the people that work with the stomach called?


Why are babies fat?

babies are fat because of their moms so the food digests is the babies stomach so the get chubby.

How many babies did Dragon and Donkey have in the Shreks?

They had quintuplets (5 babies in one stomach)

Do you feel throbbing in your stomach when you are pregnant?

Babies don't live in your stomach unless you eat them.

Do babies come from the stomach?

No babies come from the Uterus, the uterus holds the baby and swells- so it looks like the stomach is getting bigger but actually it is the uterus.

How are baby dolphins formed inside their parents stomach?

The dolphins kiss and the babies form into their stomach.

How many babies can a woman have in her stomach at once?

10000 (:

Pregnant guinea pig?

Has babies in it's stomach

Do babies grow in the left side of your stomach?

No, the uterus ( where babies develop) is mostly central in the abdominal region.

How children gets inside mother stomach?

They do not get in the stomach. The babies are in the womb. This happens through the reproduction process.

Why are babies small?

That is the only size that will fit inside the stomach.

Can babies disintegrate when they are 5 or 6 pounds in the mothers stomach?


Does snake babies come out of there mouth or stomach?

Depends on the snake

Why do babies have to be in a mothers stomach for 9 months?

so it can grow

Do babies kick in your stomach?

They can kick there or you can feel it in your rib cage.

Do babies have gills in the moms stomach?

yes but not for very long

How long are babies in your stomach?

The baby is in your stomach for 9 months it can be sooner as it my be premature or it can be a few days or weeks late.

Why does milk clot in the stomachs of babies?

Milk will always curdle or clot in any stomach because of the stomach acid

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