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They don't. they have laws against child labor.

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do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

The term of "babies" connotes children under two years of age. In colonial America, babies did not work.

Pediatricians work with babies, but they also work with Children up until they are around 18 years old. Neonatologists are specialized to work with only babies, usually premature or who have illnesses at birth.

The midwife had delivered so many babies in her career.The twin babies were crying in their cribs.

Babies can see normally because they have two eyes that work properly.

They work with the reproductive system and deliver babies.

It can help you to work with babies. Ultrasound sonography can also be used for older patients for heart health. So this will not guarantee you a job with babies, but there is a possibility.

Do NOT tend to your hamster's babies. Leave all that work to the mom. Don't touch them either, or the mom will smell your scent on her babies and eat them.

they do stuff they work with babies and pregant mothers. they also deliver babies when no doctor is around.

Very generally, dreams of babies refer to work, ideas or projects that need attention and development.

Of course!! They work with infants from birth through about age 18. yes

It makes babies not have dipar rashes

Neonatal nurses work with babies. OB nurses work with pregnant mothers. Prenatal? where did you get that?

Get married, have babies, and do household work.

Getting to work with the cutest babies!

an old clean towel will work best.

They finally work out how to get about quicker on 2 feet.

I work in the cancer field and yes, babies can have chemo. They can also have radiation therapy (2 completely different things) its very sad that some babies are born with the cancer. :(

Oxen are castrated males that are used for draft work. Oxen do not produce calves (nor babies).

they cannot have babies, u can only use them for work and to interact with one another :)

They couldn't work when they were babies so they had to start working at the age of around 5.

yes they did. on the way some women had babies

Well you get to work real closely with the parents and babies sometimes it better because with the babies that are sick a neonatal nurse is on the front line they will work closely with those baby's and familys

It is to much work for one bug 2 push out or reproduce with babies so they die after there work

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