How do baboons defend themselves?

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attack as a group?
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How do clownfish defend themselves?

The dont really defend themselves so much. Their defence is speed and camoflage (they blen in with many anemities) and other coral to avioid bring eaten but as far as actual defece, they dont really have one.

How do lions defend themselves?

They bite scratch, roar and tackle. not as though it is very often that they need to. The only time would be when is being attacked by an other lion. They use their claws and teeth. Attack with their teeth . they defend themselves with their lcaws

How do birds defend themselves?

To escape predators, most birds fly away. If they are flightless birds, like penguins or ostriches, they will try to swim or fly away. If caught, a bird may bite, peck, and claw the attacker, sometimes beating it with its wings. Birds of prey have very powerful talons, ans some of the larger species ( Full Answer )

How do rabbits defend themselves?

Rabbits can try to defend themselves by running. Rabbits can be avery fast animal when they want to be.

How do baboons protect themselves?

well,. babbons go around in packs of 187 so that they can protect each other from lion ect.. The only problam is the 186 of the babbons are invisable so from, the human eye you can only see one. that is why they are so unlucky.......

How do monkeys defend themselves?

They live in communities of several individuals, though females (and more rarely, males) will sometimes travel alone or only with their nursing offspring. To protect themselves from predators, they live most of their lives in the trees and build nests each night to sleep in the trees. They will leav ( Full Answer )

How do primates defend themselves?

The way in which primates defend themselves can depend on the typeof primate. While a small monkey may run away or go up a tree toget away from a predator, a bigger primate like a chimpanzee canuse its strength, hands, and teeth to defend himself. A gorilla canuse its size to protect itself from pre ( Full Answer )

How do turkey vultures defend themselves?

Turkey Vultures Vomit to deter predators. The foul smelling undigested food bothers most predators and if they get it on them it stings from the powerful acid.

How do howler monkeys defend themselves?

Howler monkeys defend themselves with force and numbers. Evenfemale howler monkeys defend the group in the case of an intrusion.

How do moose defend themselves?

They actually are very good at hiding when they want to. They can move through the bush so quiet that even hunters often just find the tracks after sitting on a watch for hours. When directly threatened they run, they do this very well too and can cover a lot of ground in just a short time. When pus ( Full Answer )

How do butterflies defend themselves?

Here are three ways; Camouflage: Making your appearance blend in with the background, so things can't see you. Mimicry: Behaving in a way that resembles something a predator won't eat. Bad taste: This kind of ties in the the above. There's a type of butterfly that tastes really bad, at le ( Full Answer )

How do king cobras defend themselves?

A king cobra defends itself by lifting up 6 feet, more or less, of its body, putting up its hood, and hissing, a rather frightening hiss. This is what king cobras do when they are frightened to scare of the warn the cause of the fright not to come any closer, or they'll attack.

How do pandas defend themselves?

Giant pandas are solitary and peaceful animals who will usually avoid confrontation. If escape is impossible, they will fight back. They use physical strength (2x heavier than humans), strong jaw muscles and large molars used mainly for chewing bamboo which can make for a very nasty bite. Pandas ( Full Answer )

How do giraffes defend themselves?

Giraffes defend themselves by kicking preditors and "necking". "necking" is when a giraffe swings its neck at another giraffe really hard. The reason giraffes have the little horns on their head is for necking so they can dig them into another giraffes neck.

How do prairie dogs defend themselves?

They defend themselves by using there (strong) hind legs to watch out for there mates , but they are eaten by Eagles , Coyotes , & Foxs , hope this answers your question !

How do hamsters defend themselves?

Hamsters defend them selves by trying to scare you like scratching but when you grab a hamster they nibble on your hand but just for a while to taste your hand then it stops and you have total control over it and hamsters will bite you when they really need to.

How do guinea pigs defend themselves?

"Guinea pigs will NOT bite unless they think you are food. They will claw and scratch you if they are scared." Answers like the above could be found on numerous Internet sources, but it is simply not correct. Some guinea pigs can, and will, defend their territory if they feel threatened. Of cours ( Full Answer )

How do coyotes defend themselves?

They growl and snarl at the enemy fiercely and make sure to show their teeth, which can cause serious wounds

How do panthers defend themselves?

They attack and fight by jumping on the enemy's back and claw it to the enemy gets really injured. Then, the panther bites the throat.

How do hippos defend themselves?

They fight each other off with there powerful jaws and teeth.. They use their tusks ( teeth ) and usually stay inside the water .....

How do platypuses defend themselves?

Male Platypuses have ankle spurs on their hind legs through which they can dispense venom composed largely of defensin-like proteins (DLPs), unique to the Platypus. This venom is powerful enough to kill smaller animals, and to cause agonising pain to humans. Platypuses also dig burrows into river ( Full Answer )

How do kinkajos defend themselves?

Kinkajous are rarely seen so they are quite safe, but if neededthey will cling onto the attacker with all their limbs then bitingand injuring them with their teeth.

How do birds of paradise defend themselves?

The cassowary has large claws on it feet, the pitochu is pioseness rom eating posiness beetles.The pygmy parrot is extremely small and hard to find and or catch.

How do Goldfish defend themselves?

they don't exist in the wild since they are domesticated. So they rely on people. And they can use their fins to swim away from predators.

What are ways that sloths defend themselves?

sloths live in high trees and dont come down for somtimes even years they can get nutrience form dead or alive leaves that help them survive there vertabrates they can stay safe unless something was willing to climb up a tree and atack it while it was sleeping!

How do butterfly defend themselves from their predators?

Many butterflies use eye spots, like peacocks, for defense. The spots are a common form of defense that use a pattern on the top, underneath, or both sides or their front and back wings. Some butterfly species have two large eye spots on their rear wings. When a predator approaches, the butterfly wi ( Full Answer )

How does the giraffe protect or defend themselves?

By swinging their heads like a club. There's a British zoo, I forget which one, where one of the male giraffes swung at his keeper, missed and left quite a deep dent in a thick piece of hardwood, and the zoo put a perspex sheet over the dent to preserve it as a curio.

How did Albertosaurus defend themselves?

Albertosaurus were the largest carnivores where they lived, so their only enemies were other Albertosaurus. They would have fought by biting. Some tyrannosaur specimens are found with such bite marks on their heads, so they probably bit each other on the head during fights, as well as other areas.

Why can't animals defend themselves?

Because animals especially dogs are always lookign for love and sometimes they are to small to defend themselves.

How do alpacas defend themselves?

alpacas defend themselves by taking their enemy by the face and smearing its feces all over it for 6-8 hours

How do gibbons defend themselves?

Gibbons don't mix with other animals. if an animal attacks the gibbon it grabs the animals mane or neck with his claws or tail.

Can dolphins defend themselves from sharks?

Dolphins are in actual fact more dangerous than sharks. They have DNA that enables them to defend themselves in the wild, also if a shark comes at them, and all else fails, they can just whip out their air rifles, and shoot the buggers.

How do koalas defend themselves from their enemies?

Koalas have sharp teeth and claws, but these provide little defence from animals such as dogs and dingoes. The koala's best defence is its ability to climb tall, straight trees quickly and effortlessly.

How do shark's defend themselves?

Sharks come in many different sizes (varying from babies to adults), shapes and subj to to the type of shark they are can use several different defence mechanisms. These mechanisms can include hiding, swimming away fast, camoflage and finally in rare cases they could attempt to bite their attacker w ( Full Answer )

How does a bullfrog an amphibians defend themselves?

The can jump in the water and bury themselves in the dirt at the bottom of the pond. The can release a distress call. They can puff themselves up and stand on the tips of their toes to appear bigger. Also their overall large size helps them a lot.

How do rodents defend themselves?

First of all, it depends on the rodent. What makes all rodents rodents is their teeth, which they can definitely use to defend themselves. Rodents also usually have claws on their feet that they can use, and many have excellent hearing and smell so that they can flee easily, plus many will pee, barf ( Full Answer )

What do pandas do to defend themselves?

Pandas protect themselves in a variety of ways. They use use their physical strength and strong jaw muscles. Since they also learn how to climb trees at a very young age, they can climb trees when danger strikes. And unlike most other bears, they can swim.

How do fish defend themselves?

swim away or if they are fighting fish like sharks, octopus etc.then they would supposedly fight back.