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They will neutralize each other, and make a substance that is neither acid or base. Water is one of these substances (pH 7.0 pure H2O). Of course, this is assuming there are near equal amounts of both substances, and they have enough hydrogen combined to give a pH of 7, so 1ml of a pH 14.0 substance won't neutralize a 50ml puddle of pH 1.0 acid.

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Q: How do bases and acids respnd to each other?
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What do acids and bases do with each other?

The reaction between acids and bases is called neutralization.

How does acids respond to Bases?

Acids + Bases pretty much neutralise each other. They produce salt and water when mixed.

How do strong acids and bases react with each other?

Strong bases and acids react with each other to form neutral salt and water. For example:- NaOH + HCl -----------> NaCl + H2O

Strength of acids and bases are determined by extending the acid or base?

by extending the acids and bases one can determine that they will reast with each other.

Why it is important to know which substance are available acidic and which are base?

Acids undergo similar reactions. Bases undergo similar reactions. Acids and bases react with each other to neutralize each other.

What things neutralize each other?

Acids and bases!! hope this helps :)

Why do bases often described as the opposites of acids?

it is because, when they react to each other, they neutralizes each other

Which pair of substances would likely neutralize each other?

Acids and bases.

Do acids combine with bases to form sugars?

NO, Acid and Bases react with each other to form salts and water

What is the interaction that occurs between acids and bases in which the properties of each are canceled out by the other?


Why should acids and bases be segregated away from each other?

Acids and bases should be stored separately from each other because of the possibility of violent reactions and/or fumes. Ammonium hydroxide specifically can give off ammonia gas when reacting with acids. Ammonia gas can be dangerous at high levels.

Why can't you store acids and bases together?

If acids and bases were not stored separately they would react with each other in a process known as neutralization.