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creates home sites by attaching itself to the other species

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How is the relationship between wrasse fish and Black Sea bass a mutual ism relationship?

the bass and the wrasse fish help each other by protection and feeding with one another

What does the wrasse fish do for a bass fish?

The Wrasse fish clean the mouth and body of the bass fish which provide the wrasse fish food.

How do bass help wrasse fish?

it eats it

What is a matching organism to bass?

The Wrasse Fish

What is the relationship between wrasse fish and bass?

Its mutualism

What type of a relationship does a wrasse fish have with a Black Sea bass?

They are both fish.

What protects a Black Sea bass?

wrasse fish protects a black sea bass.

Where do Black Sea bass and wrasse fish live?


What animal has a symbiotic relationship with the bass?

A wrasse fish and its commenalism because the bass benefit and the warsse fish are unharmed.

What type of symbiosis do Wrasse exhibit?

Some species of Wrasse, eg Cleaner Wrasse have a symbiotic relationship with larger fish, eg Groupers, Sharks, etc whereby the wrasse will clean parasites from the body of the larger fish helping to keep it healthy, and the larger fish provides the wrasse some degree of protection from predation as well as food in the form of parasites and scraps.

What is the relationship between wrasse fish and Black Sea bass?

Mutualism. Mutualism.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a wrasse fish Black Sea bass have?

This relationship is defined as mutualism, meaning both parties benefit mutually from the relationship. In this example, the wrasse cleans the bass, and the wrasse gets food. The bacteria is gone from the skin of the sea bass, and the cleaner wrasse has food. The relationship clearly benefits both parties.

Bass and wrasse fish symbiotic relationship?

Wrasse are "cleaner fish." They will eat the small parasites on the bodies of other fish. Large fish show up at wrasse "cleaning stations" to be freed of parasites, while the wrasse get a meal. It's a good deal for everybody except the parasites - most of the time. Nothing's ever perfect, though, and sometimes the large fish don't get with the program and try to eat the wrasse. Also, there's a fish called a blenny that looks a bit like a wrasse [it's a Batesian mimic, which see] and it uses this appearance to sneak up and take a bite out of the bass or other large fish.

What is the symbiotic relationship between wrasse fish and black sea bass?

yo mutha

Symbiotic relationship between wrasse fish and black sea bass?

The wrasses poops...

Disadvantages between bass and wrasse fish?

well one disadvantage is that it is kind of gross

Is a Black Sea bass a predator to a wrasse fish?

i dont know just google it!

What type of symbiotic relationship does the wrasse fish and black sea bass have?

A symbiotic relationship is an association that is mutually beneficial. Wrasse fish feed on the parasites found on the black sea bass's body. In this case, Wrasse gets to eat, and sea bass gets rid of parasites. It's a Win-Win.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wrasse fish living with black sea bass?

Advantages are one gets food one gets cleaned Disadvantages are Wrasse fish has shorter life span

How do clown fish survive in their habitats?

They survive thanks to the mutual symbiosis with anemone, which protects clown fish among its poisonous tentacles.

What does a wrasse do?

There are over 600 species of Wrasse. The Wrasse clean off the parasites that live on or within the fish. These parasites are feeding off of the fish tissue.

What is a parrot-wrasse?

A Parrot Wrasse is a type of Indo-Pacific marine (saltwater) fish in the Labridae family.

Where do wrasse fish live?

Oceans (saltwater)

What eats the wrasse fish?

it eats toutog fish and shirmp and limpets

Is cleaner wrasse a parasite?

no its a fish which can remove parasites from other it