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Bats rid the environment of bugs, they can spread seeds and pollinate plants. Their waste is good for the land and used as fertilizer.

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Animals whose body temperature changes with their environment?


How is a bat suited to its environment?

A bat is suited for its environment because of its ears. Bats are blind. Their sounds bounce of objects that allow them to detect items that surround them.

How does corking a baseball bat help a hitter?

Makes the bat lighter for greater bat speed

Does a new baseball bat help you hit harder?

depends on the bat

How is the furr on the vampir bat help the vampir bat?

it keeps the vampire bat warm inside the cave it is in.

How has the vampire bat adapted to its environment?

Well...........I dont know?

What do the people do to help the environment?

Help to clean the environment.

Why is the bat endangered?

In most cases where a bat species is endangered it is due to lack of environment. For example, when forests are destroyed, the fruit bat no longer has a home or food and is endangered.

How does erosion help the environment?

erosion can never help the environment indeed it affects environment

How do squirrel help the environment?

squirrels help the environment by germination

How do dragonflys help the environment?

how do dragon flys help the environment?????

How does geothermic help the environment?

It is clean so it help our environment.

Words that end in t?

cat, environment, bat, select, adjust, that

Does a softball bat harm the environment?

Shouldn't they are made from a renewable resource

What made a bat to have wings?

bats developed wings to adapt to their environment.

What does a bat do to help people?


Do bat weights help you hit the ball further?

Not really...It is to help give you a faster bat speed. The rest is on the swing/er.

How can help save bat?

by giving a nest with bat food in it in a high tall tree

Is rolling a little league bat considered tampering or altering?

That does nothing to help the bat.

What does the deer do to help its environment?

The Deer help the environment by eating stuff away.

How does hybrids help the environment?

hybrids help the environment by not using fossil fuels.

How can help the environment?

You can help the environment in many of ways. You can help by cutting down pollution and recycle more.

Why is the little mariana fruit bat important to its environment?

The little Mariana fruit bat is important because it plays a major role in seed dispersion.

How does technology help people adapt to their environment?

can technology help people adapt environment

What is the value of a Louisville Slugger Hillerich and Bradsby 102 baseball bat?

I am not familiar with the Louisville slugger 102 baseball bat. it is probably an inexpensive store model bat. Without a player endorsement the bat will have little collectors value. Condition, size, age, and any vintage baseball bat features will be a factor in pricing the bat as well.If you contact me with further details of your bat I could help you out. You can visit the link I left below to help you date your bat.

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