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i think that bees will not encouter with ants much of the time. But I still think that they will sting.

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Q: How do bees protect themselves from ants?
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How does bees protect themselves?

Bees protect themselves by stinging its victim, if it is a woman, a male bee cannot sting.

How do ants and termites protect themselves are they live in colonies?

because they protect themselves.........

How do bees protect themselves?

Answer Their stinger

How do bees protect themselves from enimes?

By stinging

How do leaf cutter ants protect themselves?

I will hypnotize you

How do black ants protect themselves?

They sting their prey.

How do honey bees protect themselves?

Bees are well known for their stings, and if they think that you're doing any harm to them they are definitely going to sting you to protect themselves!

How an insect can protect itself?

usually, they have some sort of weapon to use when they are in danger, such as bees: they can protect themselves by stinging. Ladybugs defend themselves by producing a poisin like substance(usually orange ladybugs). Ants can also defend themselves by biting what they think it delisious.

How do male honey bees protect themselves?

They can't, they have no sting.

How do ants monkeys and elephants protect themselves from enemies?

they group themselve

How do ants protect themselves?

Ants protect themselves mostly by biting. For their size they have some powerful jaws. Additionally, many species of ant are capable of delivering a sting filled with formic acid.

Why does a bee have a stinger?

Bees have stingers so that they can protect themselves and their hives.

Why do bees sting other organisms?

To protect themselves The do so in order to defend themselves or their nest.

What class is bees beetles and ants?

The class that bees, beetles, and ants belong to is insects.

How is a bumble bee different from a honey bee?

Honey bees collect honey. Bumble bees protect themselves

How does a bee protect itself from enemies?

Bees protect themselves by building a strong hive and defending it with their stingers. They don't so much as protect the individual bees as they do protect the entire colony. Each bee is ready to give their life to protect the other bees.

What are some differences between bees and ants?

One obvious difference is that bees have wings, and ants do not. Another is that bees live in hives, but ants live in anthills, or piles of dirt . . . with tunnels. Another would be that ants have to hunt for their food, but bees make the stuff that they eat with their surroundings. ANOTHER difference is that ants bite or spray acid to defend themselves, but bees use their stingers. Yet still, they both have the ability to sting, but not all species of ants are able to do this. Another difference that I know are that ants have more species than bees, but they only beat them by 2,000 species. There are A LOT more, so keep searching for answers!

Does ants eat bees?


What do ants use to protect themselves against their enemies?

So to unsure they would not die

How are bees wasps and scorpions alike in protecting themselves from their enemies?

they are alike in protecting themselves, because they can protect themselves without helping.

What kind of bees eat ants?

Bees don't eat ants, they are vegetarian and live on nectar and pollen.

How do male bees protect themselves?

male bees do not have stingers, only the females or workers. they must fly away as there only protection.

Can ants think for themselves?

do ants think for themselves.

What ants and bees do in a group?


What are examples of parthenogenesis?

ants or bees