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How do black holes and galaxies project light?

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Black holes do NOT project light. Hence the name black hole. Their gravity field is so strong that nothing escapes, not even light photons. The only way we know they exist by the bending of the trajectory of photons passing them. Galaxies project light via radiant energy, i.e. photons. In the same way you observe a lightbulb, you observe a galaxy. The primary difference is that we have developed instruments to not just observe galactic energy within the visible spectrum, but the entire electromagnetic spectrum, e.g. radio waves and x-rays. Those instruments would work with a lightbulb too, but they're usually busy looking at galaxies. Actually, black holes probably do give off light (and all other particles). This effect is quantum mechanical in nature and was discovered by Stephen Hawking. However, it is not at present possible to measure this. Whether or not Hawking is right, we can observe black holes, and not just because of light from distant stars bending around them. The event horizon is a very violent place, and materials are being spun around in the vortex just outside of the horizon, and they are being torn apart before entering the horizon as well. All of this creates a massive output of energy that we can observe. We get hints that we are observing a black hole by observing how nearby stars interact with it. Black holes sometimes 'suck up' so much matter that some of it escapes.

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Q: How do black holes and galaxies project light?
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Is there such thing as big black holes?

While scientists have never actually SEEN a black hole (they are called "black holes" because their gravity is so great that not even light can escape!) we believe that super-massive black holes are at the hearts of most galaxies. These super-massive black holes might be the mass of a million stars the size of the Sun, or larger.

Where is a black hole?

Black holes can be found anywhere a massive star existed. Most, if not all, galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their centre, and there are a number of stellar black holes throughout the galaxy. V4641 Sgr is believed to be the closest known black hole to Earth at 1,600 light years away.

How did black holes get its name?

They got the name Black Holes because they suck in light. That's why they are called Black Holes.

What is a good project to do with black holes for grades 9-12?

You could simulate the effects of a black holes event horizon by placing a two-way mirror in front of a black box equipped with a small light. When the light is off in the box, then no light is returning and the internal object cannot be studied. When the light is on in the box, then light is returned and the internal object can be studied.

Are black holes balach?

i was doing this project for school. here was the info i found. black holes are black because no light can escape. because of that they are invisible. to see a black hole scientists use space telescopes and special tools to look at the stars. stars orbiting black holes act differently than other stars.

How do black holes disappear?

Black holes can nevr be seen in space. Space is black and so are black holes. People can only see black holes because of the light around the black hole. When a black hole is consuming a giant star, you can see the light around the entire black hole. That's when you know that there is a black hole in the middkle of all that light.

What is a burst of brilliant light from a black hole?

Bursts of light from black holes are the result of the accretion (or "consumption") of matter by black holes. Quasars are an example of this.

How do you find the black holes?

Black holes can not be seen .To see an object,light should fall on the object and then reflect to your eyes but as nothing can escape from a black hole,light is not reflect to your eyes ,that is why they are called BLACK HOLES!!!

What can light not escape from?

black holes

Are black holes visible?

Black holes are invisible because space is black and so is black holes, but when the black hole consumes a star, you can see the light around the black hole. That is when you know something strange is happening in the middle of all that light.

How can black holes bend light?

Black holes can bend light simply because their gravitational force is so strong that even light cannot escape it.

What evidence do you have that black holes really exist?

They've observed the black cloud around which no light escapes that surrounds a black hole. They've observed the bending of light around the black hole, which caused two identical looking universes side by side. They've observed the galaxies rotating around them.

Why are there black holes in space?

Simply put, the existence of black holes is consequential to the laws of physics. If you have enough matter and it's concentrated enough, there will be a point at which the escape velocity is higher than the speed of light and a black hole forms. For more detailed reasons as to why black holes exist, a separate study of each type would help, primordial black holes are believed to have been generated by processes during the creation of the universe; stellar black holes are the result of events in stellar evolution, supermassive black holes result from attrition of matter during the formation of galaxies.

What are the stars that emit no light?

Black dwarfs of black holes.

What formed in the universe or what's out there?

The Universe has stars, galaxies, dust, gas, light, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, planets, and many other things.

Why is light attracted to a black hole?

Light is not only attracted to a black hole, in fact, its attracted to you, to me and to everything made of matter in the universe. The problem is that light is affected by gravity, and the black holes have so much that light significantly change trajectory or the black holes absorb the photons

Why can black holes not be seen?

no light can escape from them

If the gravity of black holes does not allow light out can they be too strong to let gravity out?

The force of gravity always increases. Gravity is one of the perfect forces. Like simple math, 1+1 = 2. Gravity is always additive. Adding more just makes more. At the heart of the most ancient galaxies are black holes with more gravity than entire young galaxies.

How do black holes affect stars?

Black holes affect stars because the holes are so powerful that anything can get sucked into it. Even light!!!

How did blackholes get their name?

black holes have such great gravity that nothing, not even light can escape them. That is why they were named "black holes".

Why are black holes different to locate?

While black holes give off radio waves, the fact that no light can escape, or be reflected off of, black holes makes them completely invisible to any regular light-capturing device.

Is the speed of light effected by black holes?

Nope.. Light always travels at the same speed. However, black holes do affect the trajectory of the photons, hense diverting the direction of the light.

How did black holes in outer space get their name?

Since nothing, not even light, can escape black holes, they are invisible (so to speak). You can only see a black hole when it is sucking up light, since the object with light looks like something is pulling it away.Actually, there isn't much imagination in this. Black holes are named as such because they are, basically, holes in the universe which emit no light.

Why did black hole lose their light?

Because black holes are of such density that even light can no escape them, they don't radiate any light and are black.

Why black holes are black for kids?

Black holes are blavk because their gracity is so strong that light cannot escape for us to see.