How do blue ringed octopuses move?

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they crawl or they swim by expelling (squirting) water

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Do blue ringed octopuses have a skeleton?


Are Octopuses Endangered?

the blue ringed octopus is

What are the threats of the blue ringed octopus?

well one of the blue ringed octopuses predators is the moray eel.

What are the blue ringed octopuses predotors?

Sharks ,Shrimp

Do Australian Blue ringed octopuses have enough poison to kill a human?

Blue ringed octopuses do have enough poison to kill a human.

How big are the blue ringed octopuses?

The blue ringed octopus are quite small. They are 5 - 8 inches, or about the size of a golfball.

What is the blue ringed octopuses habitat?

Blue Ringed Octopus are mainly found in tidal rock pools around Australia.

Are blue ringed octopuses endangered?

yes, stay away from them

What do blue ringed octopuses like to eat?

human flesh

How many rings do blue ringed octopuses have?

It varies with the individual.

How big are blue ringed octopuses?

5 to 10 cm

What type of organism is the blue ringed octopus?

Octopuses are mollusks.

What eats blue ringed octopuses?

A moray eel eats blues

Do Blue Ringed Octopuses benefit the Great Barrier Reef?


What octopuses are dangerous?

Blue Ringed octopus, Day octopus, and Giant octopus. Blue ringed octopuses are small sized, but have deadly toxic that can kill a fully-grown man. Day octopuses are large and can float to attack divers. Giant octopuses are the largest species that can kill a human with a beak bite.

Where are blue ringed octopus found?

Blue Ringed Octopuses prefure to be in warm Tropical waters/reefs for eg.... the great barrier reef hope that my answer will help you

Can a blue ringed octopus kill a whale?

The toxic is not really that serious enough to kill a whale, but blue ringed octopuses have plenty of venom to kill a human.

Can a blue ringed octopus kill a great white shark?

Blue ringed octopuses have enough poison to wound a great white shark, but not necessarily kill it.

What is the smallest octopuses is name?

blue ringed octopus i i dont no about octopuseessss

Where do blue ringed octopus sleep?

Blue ringed octopuses often sleep in empty bottles, under stones, and even in coral caves. They sleep in burrows as well.

Why do blue ringed octopuses have rings on their body?

because they use it for prey and preditors to warn them that the blue ringed octopus feels threatened...and they also use it because they use it to breathe

Are octopuses venomous?

Some are, some aren't. Example of venomous is Australian blue ringed octopus.

Is an octopus poisonous?

most octopuses arent poisonous, but some like the blue-ringed octopus are deadly.

How many people do blue-ringed octopuses kill every year?

127,687 each year

Do blue-ringed octopuses bite or sting?

When they bite you, they inject a powerful poison in you that can sting you badly.

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