How do boats catch on fire?

You would think that when a boat is surrounded by water that it would not be prone to catch on fire that easily. But, contrarily to that assumption there are many ways a boat can catch on fire and then it can be quite challenging to put out.
1. AC and DC wiring/appliance
2. Engine/Transmission Overheat
3. Fuel Leak
4. Miscellaneous
Some fires didn't fit into any category-misdirected flares during a fishing tournament, anchoring in the wrong spot during a fireworks display, a child playing with matches, and even a case of spontaneous combustion from linseed-soaked rags. The only fire that couldn't have been prevented by more care was one caused by lightning. Occasionally, investigators can't determine the cause of a fire. Sometimes, boats are completely destroyed and sometimes they sink, making finding the cause impossible.
5. Stove