How do body systems work with other systems in the body Give 3 examples and explain?

Body systems include:
  1. Cardiovascular (Circulatory) System
  2. Digestive System
  3. Endocrine (immune) System
  4. Excretory System (urine and bowel)
  5. Lymphatic System
  6. Muscular System (Musculoskeletonal)
  7. Nervous System
  8. Reproductive System
  9. Respiratory System
  10. Sensory System (Integumentary)
  11. Skeletal System (Musculoskeletonal)

For examples of how one system functions to help another system, think about how they are related. For example:

1. The Musculoskeletonal System is the combination of the Muscular System and Skeletal System. Both work in conjuction with the Nervous System, which includes the Brain, Spinal Nerves, and Peripheral Nerves. The brain and spine send signals to the muscles to move, but without the skeleton our bodies would act like jello.

2. The Cardiovascular carries blood, but one function of blood is to carry oxygen on hemoglobin. So the Cardiovascular System works with the Respiratory System. But again, the Brain controls respiration. (Nervous System).

3. And we all know, what we eat and drink (Digestive System) must come out (the Excretory System = urine and bowel). But even to urinate and have a bowel movement, we need the Nervous System to regulate how much fluid to take out of the intestines...and to let us know we need to use the bathroom.