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How do boils form on the buttocks?


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lechay dina u fell for it

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Blackheads are the pimples that form on thighs and buttocks. They are caused by a dirt buildup in the area.

Science has not determined how the crack in the buttocks formed.

A liquid boils when trapped air in the liquid is heated and air molecules form a bubble and rise to the surface. Liquid boils when it turns to vapor at the bottom of or in the liquid.

Your buttcheaks are your buttocks

The buttocks are medial to the wrist. The wrist is lateral to the buttocks.

no. when water boils it is a physical change, because the actuall chemical structure is still H2O, it is just in the form of steam.

You don't! Your buttocks is wonderful.

Take your finger stick it up the dogs backside (the hole in between his buttocks) and then you stick finger in a bowl of luke warm water. If the water boils, the dog have fever.

You probably have constipation and the poop is very hard, and it scratches you

It rhymes with Shutox. It is the buttocks.

The sounds of my buttocks and slipknot in my buttocks in my buttocks in my buttocks so its like 10 arses and anal beads

Caning is a form of corporal punishment where the offender is struck repeatedly on the buttocks with a cane.

yes it would because when the liquid boils the entire container of liquid is heated to the boiling point, meaning that the liquid would turn to the vapor form all around the liquid.

Your buttocks will have odor from the fecal matter you excrete.

It boils at 212 & becomes steam.

AnswerBoils come from to many toxins in your body or not being as healthy as you should. Start drinking more water and possibly change your diet.Boils are skin infections usually caused by a bacteria. These infections form pockets in the skin which are filled with pus, a fluid that includes bacteria, and infection-fighting white blood cells. Boils commonly occur on the face, neck, groin and buttocks.To avoid boils follow the simple steps:1.) Keep the area clean and dry.2.) Avoid wearing tight clothes.3.) Wash the affected area with an anti-fungal bacteria soap.4.) Apply moist heat on the affected area for 20-30 minutes (2-3 times a day).

Because a bees stinger is on their buttocks.

The buttocks do not get bigger if the anus is penetrated.

A lot of times ingrown hairs are the cause of boils. Also, having too much staph on the skin or excess bacteria.

Yes, even though it appears Turkeys do not have buttocks, they actually do

boils are bacterial infections and ofloxacin definitely work for boils

sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster

The medical terms:ButtocksMaximus Gluteus (large muscles of buttocks)Gluteus Medius (smaller muscles of buttocks)Anus (opening)Rectum (lowest part of intestine leading to anus)Gluteal cleft, natal cleft, vertical gluteal crease (for the "crack" between the buttocks)

Perhaps you mean the buttocks. The buttocks is officially known as the gluteus maximus

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