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they mate

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Q: How do brine shrimp have babies?
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What is the common name for brine shrimp?

brine shrimp

What are brine shrimp classified as?

Brine Shrimp are crustaceans.

What do brine-shrimp like?

Brine-shrimp like algae and eggs Brine-shrimp like algae and eggs

What are the effects of fertilizers on brine shrimp?

it kills the brine shrimp (sea monkeys) it kills the brine shrimp (sea monkeys)

What fish eat brine shrimp?

A seahorse eats brine shrimp because brine shrimp is a small animal and seahorses have small mouths.

Are brine shrimp freshwater?

no, as brine shrimp are saltwater animals and will not survive in freshwater.

What do you feed the babies betta fish?

live micro worms, vinegar eels and baby brine shrimp.

At what depth do brine shrimp live?

Brine shrimp thrive in shallow, brackish water.

Are seamonkeys considered brine fish?

They aren't fish. They are brine shrimp. (shrimp = invertebrates)

Where can you find brine shrimp?

you can find brine shrimp in the water

How do brine shrimp breathe?

Brine shrimp breathe through gill plates on their feet.

Do Bullfrogs eat brine shrimp?

yea they do alot of animals eat brine shrimp!

What kind of salt do brine shrimp live in?

brine shrimp live in kilter salt

Is a brine shrimp a comuer decomesum or porducer?

is a brine shrimp a consumer producer decomposer

What eats brine shrimp?

Birds like to stop at the Great Salt Lake ,when they are migrating, and eat brine shrimp. Fish eat brine shrimp too! what types of coral eat shrimp

Where do brine shrimp lay their eggs?


What do brine shrimp eat?

Hello! Brine shrimp usually eat algea. Hope this helps!

What are brine shrimp common name?

Their common name is Brine Shrimp. Their scientific name is Artemia

What are brine shrimps habitat?

what is the habitat of brine shrimp

What are facts about brine shrimp?

brine shrimp belong to a group called crustaceans. have a hard outer shell

Who discovered brine shrimp?

Thong discovered the brine shrimps.

What is a seamonkey?

brine shrimp

Is brine shrimp an omnivore?


How do brine shrimp respond to light?

brine shrimp don't like light and they try to swim to a dark place.

How often do brine shrimp sleep?

Never. Brine shrimp never sleep. However, their activities are slowed at night.