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If you see two adult butterflies with their abdomens linked tail-to-tail, they are mating. The male grasps the female and deposits a sperm packet, which fertilizes the female's eggs. The butterflies can fly while mating, but they usually avoid moving unless they are disturbed.

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Do butterflies reproduce by laying eggs?

Butterflies are insects. Insects lay eggs to reproduce. Therefore, butterflies lay eggs to reproduce. Your answer is, "Yes".

Does butterflies reproduce?

Yes they do! else there would be no butterflies!

Do butterflies reproduce sexually or asexually?

I am pretty sure they reproduce sexually. I read that when two butterflies are attached they are mating.

What does butterfly reproduce?

butterflies reproduce eggs which turn in to caterpillar .

Do butterflies reproduce by external or internal fertilization?

Butterflies reproduce by internal fertilization and not by external fertilization. Butterflies, like most insects, will then lay the eggs and wait for them to hatch.

How old do butterflies have to be before they can reproduce?

As soon as they hatch out out of their cacoon, they are ready to reproduce

How do butterlies reproduce?

butterflies lays eggs

At what age do butterflies reproduce?

As soon as it can fly.

Are butterflies asexual reproducers?

No, butterflies reproduce sexually. However, some insects, such as some aphids and the cape bee, are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually.

Do monarch butterflies reproduce asexually or sexually?


How are butterflies help your garden?

To help the plants to reproduce

How do monarch butterflies reproduce?

monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the bottom of the milkweed plants.these hatch,eat,and turn into more monarch butterflies!!!!:)

What is the butterflies reproduction?

They go and reproduce all day long

Are butterflies sexual reproduce?

yes they'll in bed ansd shagg

Why do plants need butterflies?

because butterflies, like bees, spread the plants' pollen. w/out them, the plants wouldn't be able to reproduce.

Butterflies being arthropods do they reproduce sexually?

Butteflies are not arthropods, they are members of Insecta, in the group Lepidoptera. Arthropods have 8 legs, and Butterflies have 6.

Food sources of a butterfly?

most butterflies suck nectar. Some butterflies don't eat at all, only live long enough to reproduce then die.

How do humans affect butterflies?

Humans can affect butterflies in both positive and negative ways. When humans spray pesticides to kill harmful insects, it kills the butterflies as well, but many humans plant special "butterfly gardens" that give butterflies a safe place to live and reproduce.

What is the importance of its wings to the butterfly?

It needs it's wings to fly. If if can't fly it can't find a mate. If it can't find a mate it can't reproduce. If it can't reproduce the whole population of butterflies will die out. God made butterflies, and He wants them to stay around. So... He gave them wings. The end.

Do butterflies reproduce using internal or external fertilization?

Actually a butterfly is external This was learnt during a Y8 biology class butterflies, fish and frogs are external humans and horses are internal hope this helps.

How do caterpillars reproduce?

Caterpillars do not reproduce. They are the larval feeding stage of moths and butterflies. Caterpillars hatch from eggs, grow by eating mostly leaves, then cocoon themselves in a chrysalis and undergo metamorphosis to become a moth or butterfly. The moths or butterflies feed on nectar, eventually mate and the females lay eggs that hatch into caterpillars.

What is the collective noun for butterflies?

The collective nouns for butterflies are:a flight of butterfliesa flutter of butterfliesa kaleidoscope of butterfliesa swarm of butterfliesa rabble of butterflies.

What is the collective noun of butterfly?

The collective nouns for butterflies are:a flight of butterfliesa flutter of butterfliesa kaleidoscope of butterfliesa swarm of butterfliesa rabble of butterflies.

Pollination by animals?

Pollination by animals and by insects is the major way that plants reproduce. Bees, birds, butterflies, and even animals that brush by flowers help them to pollinate.

What pollinates dull grass flowers?

Many plants and flowers reproduce by pollination. Dull grass flowers are pollinated by flying insects like bees, and butterflies.