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How do cactus's pollinate?

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It depends on the type of catus. My echinops is a day blooming cactus and the bright red blossoms attract bees. Night blooming cereus are pollinated by bats who may be drawn to the strong fragrance.

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Does a bat pollinate?

Yes bats do pollinate.

Why is it possible for pea plants to self-pollinate?

he was trying to have the pea plants self pollinate

What is the present tense of pollinate?

The simple present tense of pollinate is:I/You/We/They pollinate.He/She/It pollinates.The present participle is pollinating.

Do hornets pollinate?

Yes, hornets actually do pollinate.

Do butterflies pollinate flowers?

Butterflies do pollinate flowers.

Does seaweed pollinate?

Yes, seaweed does in fact pollinate.

What are two ways that a plant can cross-pollinate?

A plant can cross pollinate through wind dispersal. It can also pollinate through the use of pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Do bees pollinate cucumbers?

Well, bees will pollinate the flowers of the cucumber, but I am not sure if they pollinate the vegetable when it no longer has the flower.

When does a flower pollinate?

Flowers don't pollinate.Bees pollinate the flower.

How does the kowhai flower pollinate?

---- it can self pollinate (asexual) or a bird or bug might carry the pollin to another flower to pollinate it. ----

How do plants pollinate?

They are pollinated by wind, animals, water or splitting open forcefully. They can also self-pollinate and cross-section pollinate

What plants do bees pollinate?

Bees pollinate the majority of fruits, flowers and vegetables. They will not pollinate grains such as corn and wheat, firs or soybeans.

What birds pollinate?

Any nectar feeding bird has the potential to pollinate.

Do wasps pollinate?

They are not consider important pollinators. However, they do pollinate to a degree.

How do humming birds pollinate flowers?

how do birds help flowers pollinate

Do cows pollinate grasses and how?

No. Cows don't pollinate grasses, they eat them.

How does a dahlia flower pollinate?

Dahlias pollinate with the wind, by insects and by humans.

Which plants are not able to self pollinate?

Most plants do not self pollinate.

If the petals of a flower a absent how is the plant pollinate?

Plants have the ability to pollinate to without pedals. This is just because bees will pollinate as well as eat.

In how many states do honeybees pollinate crops?

Honeybees pollinate crops in all 50 states.Honeybees pollinate crops in all 50 states.

What will pollinate a summer crisp pear?

Parker or Patten will pollinate a Summer Crisp.

Is it only bees that pollinate?

no, i think butterflys pollinate too i might be wrong

What is the synonym of pollinate?

Synonyms of pollinate can be breed, cross-fertilize, and crossbreed.And fertilize.

Put the word pollinate in the sentence?

bee's are helpful because they pollinate plants.

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