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If you imagine your right arm as an artery and your left arm as a vein, then clasp your fingers together gently and imagine this is a capillary bed. Arterioles and venules come together in capillary beds and as oxygen is exchanged to surrounding tissue the blood from arteries is passed through the arterioles, through the venules and into the veins to return to the heart.

Check out the Wikipedia article in the related links, and look at the image on the right.

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Capillaries differ from veins and arteries in that they are smaller in diameter.

Arteries, capillaries, & veins.

Capillaries. They are the microscopic tubes that connect the veins and the arteries.

Veins, capillaries and arteries is that they are all stops for blood.

heart arteries veins and capillaries are part of what system?

Yes. Think about it. If capillaries connect veins to arteries, then of course they connect arteries to veins. This is the same question as answered earlier.

yes, capillaries link arterioles (smaller arteries) with venules (smaller veins)

Carries the blood to the skin and back to the arteries and veins

The capillaries connect arteries to veins.

Capillaries are the endpoints of the circulatory system. They are where veins and arteries meet (arteries carry red blood, which comes from the heart, moving toward the capillaries, and veins carry blue blood, which heads from the capillaries toward the heart).

Capillaries service cells, arteries and veins transport blood to and from capillaries, respectively.

Blood flows from arteries to capillaries to veins.

The blood vessels between arteries and veins are called capillaries. Capillaries are thin blood vessels which joins the end of arteries and the beginning of veins.

Arteries > arterioles > capillaries > venules > veins.

The blood-vascular system comprises the heart, arteries, veins, andcapillaries

An artery is a thick tube that takes blood away from the heart. Veins take blood to the heart. Capillaries connect the veins and arteries together.

Arteries "feed" the capillaries while veins drain the capillaries.

No. There are three types of blood vessels. They are the arteries, veins, and capillaries. Arteries are the largest of the blood vessels. Then comes the veins and the smallest are the capillaries.

Arteries carry blood away from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, and capillaries branch off of arteries and veins. Capillaries are essentially min-arteries and min-veins.

Capillaries empty into venules which empty into veins.

The capillaries are the blood vessels that connect arteries and veins. Capillaries are the site of gas exchange in the body.

Capillaries are the structures that connect arteries to veins.

Veins are smaller than arteries because arteries need to withstand pressure. Capillaries are about half the size as veins.

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