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How do car dealers use math?

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Very carefully

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Is there a website that will show me listings of new car dealers in my area?

You can use Google maps to search for new car dealers near you. You go to maps.google.com and search nearby your zip code or address for new car dealers.

How can I locate new car dealers in Des Moines, IA?

You may use a search engine such as Google to find information on new car dealers

Where can I purchase a new truck in the Houston area?

Try your local car dealers like Honda. Use a GPS to find car dealers near you. Most car dealers will have trucks on hand and there is most likely one in your area.

Where can one find Kia car dealers?

Kia car dealers can be found all across the nation. To find Kia dealers that are around where you live, you can go to the official Kia site and use the tool "Find Dealers Near You" section.

How can you find bad credit car dealers in Detroit?

To find bad credit car dealers in Detroit, you have to consult local store owners and ask them about bad credit car dealers, and where they are located in Detroit. Or you can just use the worldwide web and search for it there.

Do most car dealers use simple interest loan calculators?

Yes most car dealers do use what is known as the simple car loan interest calculator. If the dealer you thinking of purchasing from has a webpage, most of these contain a calculator online as well.

Do car dealers do buy backs?

Some car dealers will do a buy back. This will vary between dealers and their policies on if they do buy backs or not.

How car dealers coordinate with car insurance to tie up with them?

Car Dealers are not coordinated or tied to Insurance Companies.

Where are some good car seat dealers in the UK?

Some good car seat dealers are located in London. There are over 100 car seat dealers in the city. The dealers provide a wide range of car seats in many different colors.

How do car designers use math?

they use it by using the right calculations

Where can one purchase a Ford Escort MK1?

A Ford Escort MK1 can be purchased from many car dealers that have the car for sale. Websites such as Car Dealers and Auto Traders will help people find dealers that have this car.

How does a car salesmen use math?

They have to find a good price to sell the car, to the customers!

What car dealers accept customers with bad credit?

There are many car dealers that accept customers with bad credit. An example of these car dealers include DriveTime. Websites such as Auto Trader also help customers find car dealers in their local area that accept bad credit.

Who is the best dealer in the world?

If you are in Melville and looking for best Mazda cars or SUV dealers, checkout Melville Mazda

Is there a insurance policy that will cover an individual in any vehicle he or she may drive?

A named non-owner policy. Or a dealers blanket policy (what car dealers use)

Where are some local used car dealers?

Well it depends what town / city you live in, most of the towns in the world normally have car dealers / used car dealers which are normally located on a main street.

How can you find the best car dealers?

One can compare different car dealers on many different websites. KBB, Yelp, and Dealer Rater provide lists and reviews of some of the best car dealers.

How is math use in your daily lives?

how you use math its easy when your older for car payments bills and more and when your a teen and you get a job at a store you need to know numbers numbers are math

How do you get car dealers license in new jersey?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Business Licensing Services Bureau Dealer Licensing Unit gives the car dealers licenses in New Jersey. The car dealers have to fulfill all the conditions stipulated for them to be offered with a dealers license.

Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at dealer tricks?

www.dealertricks.com Former car dealer explains the tricks and tactics used by car dealers.

Which dealers in Canada sell Ford car parts?

Many Canadian car dealers sell Ford car parts. Some examples of these car dealers in Canada include Advantage Ford, Moose Jaw Ford Sales, and Wilf's Elie Ford.

Do car dealers get cars wholesale prices?

No Wholesale is what dealers sell to big accounts at, Think Enterprise Rent A Car as a Dealer's customer getting Wholesale. Dealers Get "factory" pricing

Where can you buy a 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Auto trader, eBay, used car dealers, new car dealers, and your local classifieds.

What are tire laws for used cars from dealers?

There are no "tire laws" for used car dealers.

Is there a website for any used car dealers in my area?

Yes, there are used car dealers everywhere. You can use a website like CarMax to find used cars. Also, Craigslist is a popular destination for buying and selling pre-owned automotives.

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