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See the Related Links to the right --------> Food can affect mood in a variety of ways. It can produce a

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Q: How do certain foods or milk affect behaviors in children?
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What is some factors that can affect flavors and cooking certain foods?

One factor that can affect the flavors and cooking of certain foods is the method chosen for cooking. The altitude can also impact the cooking of foods.

Discuss How illness might affect a child's nutritional needs?

Children should avoid certain foods depending on the illness e.g. raw fruits and vegetables

Why do you need to be npo for blood work?

Certain ingested foods and medications will affect the final results of certain blood tests.

The glycemic index predicts the way certain foods affect?

blood sugar level

The glycemic index predicts the way certain foods effect?

Glycemic index helps to assess how foods will affect blood sugar.

What sort of foods can give you diabetes or is this just a fallacy?

Diabetes can affect what foods you eat, but is not caused by certain foods. It is a result of pancreatic insufficiency, or hormonal changes or genetics.

What is the cause of behaviors in autism people?

Sensory disorders Allergie foods Sensitvity to foods

How does diet affect the respiratory system?

Multiple ways. The most obvious is that certain foods - primarily vegetables, fruits and certain herbs - reduce inflammation in the airways and lungs. Other foods increase inflammation.

How would you loose belly fat by eating certain foods?

You wouldnt' only by eating certain foods and not eating certain foods.

How are Arthritis and my diet related ?

Yes your diet can affect your bones. Certain foods are good for bone health and other foods can be harmful to your joints. Depending on the types of foods you eat, you may find that your arthritis flares up.

Can the food you eat affect your heartrate?

Yes certain food you eat can affect your heart rate. Foods high in salt and fat can cause arrhythmia, which is an irregular heart beat.

What food too avoid with heartburn?

Spicy food is a good food to avoid if you are prone to heartburn. Everyone is different, and certain foods that affect one person will not affect another.

How do different foods affect your body?

different foods affect your body in different ways

What is the cytotoxic test?

The cytotoxic test is a blood test that determines if certain substances affect blood cells, including foods and chemicals

What are the main features of an alkaline diet?

The alkaline diet is a diet that is achieved by eating certain types of foods that will affect the pH of the blood. This diet has the belief that it can affect the urine and blood pH.

Does psoriasis affect an unborn child?

If it is skin Psoriasis this will not affect the unborn baby , this is just a form of dermatitis and can be flare up more often if you get stressed out or can also be due to the diet , certain foods can affect the psoriasis as well.

What foods affect the heart rate?

bad foods

Do you have to eat differently when you have autism?

no not really , but that depends on the individual , my son cant have food that touches each other on the plate , some children have to have certain foods on a certain day , but everyone is different

Does the type of bait you use affect what type of fish you catch?

Yes, like all 'eaters', different fish prefer certain foods.

How can a burger affect your health?

The relation between a certain food and a certain person is peculiar. A burger is not a healthy food because it is fatty. Avoiding fatty foods will help you to live longer and healthier.

Why did settlers bring only certain foods?

they didn't always bring certain foods but certain INGREDIENTS. they brought them because it refglects their culture and how they live.

Who needs specialty foods?

Anyone with special dietary requirements such as people who can't eat certain foods e.g. allergies/intolerances, people who choose not to eat certain foods e.g. vegetarians and people who need to eat certain foods e.g. diabetics.

How does the geography of the pacific coast affect the food supply?

Because certain areas of the world are affected by the growth, and scarcity of foods, and other agricultural practices.

Can food affect your dreams?

Many people do feel that food can affect your dreams. Foods believed to affect dreams are spicy foods, cheese, and turkey.

Can rose water be put into all foods or just certain foods?

all foods, it is a flavoring