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How do chest tubes work to fix a collapsed lung?

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I am not in the medical field. But if a lung collapses it means that there is air getting between the lung and the chest cavity creating pressure against the lung. A tube placed in the chest wall will relieve the pressure there. When the lung fills with air it pushes the air out of the tube. Then you can block the tube to give the chest cavity back the slight vacuum it had before. That is why your chest expands when you breate in. I hope this is right and I am not stepping on any toes out there.

2006-09-11 01:30:14
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Lung directly works with the lung because the heart and the lung work together to squeeze and pump out the blood. .

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Is a lung transplant necessary for interstitial lung disease?

Not for mild interstitial lung disease. However, if it becomes severe, limiting the ability of the lung to do any useful work of breathing (oxygen in and CO2 out), then a lung transplant may be the only thing that will help.

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A well trained surgeon.

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Why does one collapsed lung not affect the other lung?

both the lungs are not intertwined like other organs. Tey both work in unison, yes, but theink of them like kidney. When one fails, you have the other. You have to lungs that both pump air in your blood. So when one fails, you still have the other, like kidneys. But when you are old you need to have strong lungs because as you age the lungs get weaker.

Causes of chest pain?

Understand the importance of knowing about various causes of chest pain. Not all chest pains are symptomatic of a life-threatening illness, but take all instances of chest pain seriously. Knowing what illnesses and diseases you are at risk for may help you identify chest pain and know what steps you should take when chest pains occur. Some of these illnesses are heart disease, a pulmonary embolism, a collapsed lung, acid reflux and pneumonia.Risk factors for chest painThe risk factors that are linked to illnesses that cause chest pain are numerous and varied. Individuals who are obese are at high risk for heart disease, angina and pulmonary embolism. Similarly linked are diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Other factors that might lead to illnesses that cause chest pain are use of cocaine, long-term steroid use, smoking and certain medications.What is causing your chest pain?Diagnosis of illness or disease is best left to a medical physician, but there are some ways that you can identify the cause of your chest pain on your own. If, in addition to your chest pain, you are experiencing difficulty breathing or a harsh cough, it is possible that you are experiencing a collapsed lung or pneumonia, both of which require immediate medical attention. A heart attack often presents pain in other parts of the body; men often report arm pain when having a heart attack, while women often experience pain in their jaw. If you experience small amounts of stomach acid or food traveling into your mouth, it is possible that you are suffering from acid reflux or heartburn.If you believe that you are having a heart attack, contact emergency services immediately and chew an aspirin. Chewing the tablet gets the medication into your system more quickly than swallowing the tablet whole. Chest pain has any number of causes. Knowing what illnesses you are at risk for and understanding chest pain as a symptom can help you to identify the cause of your chest pain. Always treat chest pain seriously, and consult a licensed physician to diagnose and treat it.

Does IVF work if both of your tubes are distally blocked?


What medicine to use for heart pain?

chest pain is best treated with a visit to the doctor, chest pain doesn't occur with heavy work it is the work of something more, so see a doctor always for chest pain.

Can you get your tubes untied if they have been cut tied and burned?

Yes you canYou can but it may not work. I have known 3 women whose tubes were tied and when through getting them untied. It didn't work.

What are different kinds of lung disease?

Lung disease is any disease or disorder that occurs in the lungs or that causes the lungs to not work properly. There are three main types of lung disease:Airway diseases -- These diseases affect the tubes (airways) that carry oxygen and other gases into and out of the lungs. These diseases usually cause a narrowing or blockage of the airways. They include asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. People with airway diseases sometimes describe the feeling as "trying to breathe out through a straw."Lung tissue diseases -- These diseases affect the structure of the lung tissue. Scarring or inflammation of the tissue makes the lungs unable to expand fully ("restrictive lung disease"). Theis makes it hard for the lungs to breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis are examples of lung tissue diseases. People sometimes describe the feeling as "wearing a too-tight sweater or vest" that won't allow them to take a deep breath.Lung circulation diseases -- These diseases affect the blood vessels in the lungs. They are caused by clotting, scarring, or inflammation of the blood vessels. They affect the ability of the lungs to take up oxygen and to release carbon dioxide. These diseases may also affect heart function.Many lung diseases involve a combination of these three types.The most common lung diseases include:AsthmaAtelectasisBronchitisCOPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)EmphysemaLung cancerPneumoniaPulmonary edemaOther lung diseases include:AsbestosisAspergillomaAspergillosisAspergillosis - acute invasiveBronchiectasisBronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP)Eosinophilic pneumoniaMetastatic lung cancerNecrotizing pneumoniaPleural effusionPneumoconiosisPneumonia in immunodeficient patientPneumothoraxPulmonary actinomycosisPulmonary alveolar proteinosisPulmonary anthraxPulmonary arteriovenous malformationPulmonary fibrosisPulmonary embolusPulmonary histiocytosis X (eosinophilic granuloma)Pulmonary hypertensionPulmonary nocardiosisPulmonary tuberculosisPulmonary veno-occlusive diseaseRheumatoid lung diseaseSarcoidosisPulmonary mass - side view chest X-rayLung mass, right upper lobe - CT scanLung mass, right lung - CT scanLung mass, right upper lung - chest X-rayLung nodule - front view chest X-rayLung nodule, right lower lung - CT scanLung with squamous cell cancer - CT scanSecondhand Smoke and Lung CancerYellow nail syndromeRespiratory system

What happens if your lung does not work properly?

You would stop breathing.

Truth about chest compression in CPR?

Chest compressions work; for an adult compress the chest 1 1/2 to 2 inches, at a rate of 100/minute.