How do children get ADD?

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kids get add from anybody who has add in there family

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Q: How do children get ADD?
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Does Medicaid cover children's learning disabilities?

does medicaid cover children that have add

Can children be diagnosed at any age with ADD?

Yes, children can be diagnosed with ADD at any age but it is a difficult diagnosis to make. Most kids have extra energy but ADD children exhibit some very noticeable odd behaviors at home.

What percent of children get ADD from video games?

None, you can't get ADD from video games.

What percentage of children were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD in 1990?

no one had any idea what ADD was in 1990

Do you have to add your children to your auto insurance once they have their driver's license or can you add them after they have an accident?

if you add them AFTER they have an accident, they will not be covered for anything that happened during, or as a result of, the accident

Can ADD symptoms go unnoticed in children?

Yes, it is possible for ADD symptoms to go unnoticed in young children but they often become more obvious as the child ages and doesn't slow down like other children their age.

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Why do kids get ADD not adults?

Because children brains are still developing.

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What treatment is available for children who suffer from ADD and ADHD?

Under treatments for children that suffer ADD or ADHD, there are numerous answers for parents and carers. Doctors or Health Practitioners are also very helpful.

Does a will cover who will take care of your children?

I think so.When you write your will and you add in there who is going to take care of your children then yes it will cover .

What is the diffrence between ADD and ADHD?

ADHD is a common condition that effects children and adolescents, while ADD is more common in adults.

Is children's social security number needed to add them to health insurance policy?


Are parents required to add children to auto insurance in CA.?

No, not if they don't drive.

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