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Every color that the human eye can detect are all made of three Primary colors ( Yellow, Red, and Blue ). We can mix these Primary colors to get all the different variations we can observe in the visible light spectrum. If you've ever seen a prism or a rainbow then you've seen the process of refraction. Color originates in light. Sunlight, as we perceive it, is colorless. In reality, a rainbow is testimony to the fact that all the colors of the spectrum are present in white light. An example is if you were to look at an apple. All the "invisible" colors of sunlight shine on the apple. The surface of a red apple absorbs all the colored light rays, except for those corresponding to red, and reflects this color to the human eye. The eye receives the reflected red light and sends a message to the brain. This process works the same for every color that we see.

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Q: How do color combinations make one color?
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