How do computer programmers analyze a computer problem?

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they have a degugger and a compiler
whenever they run a compiler, it brings outs the faults to the programmer an dhence they get aware of it and get rid of their mistakes
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What does a computer programmer do?

Answer . They create a series of commands in sequence for a computer to process input. There are many ways to create these commands, also called languages. Examples of thes

What is a computer programmer?

Answer . A computer programmer is someone who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information..

What is a programmable computer?

A programmable computer is one for which instructions on how toperform different tasks (programs) can be written/installed. Anon-programmable computer comes with programs alre

What does a computer programmer does?

Typically, a computer programmer writes computer programs to perform tasks or solve problems. A computer program is a list of instructions which are compiled into a format

How to get programms of a computer?

Open my computer Double click on the hard drive icon (C) Double click on the programs folder Copy the programs you want to a flash drive or a CD by dragging the folders to th

Does a programmer design computer programs?

Sometimes. Program designers usually start out as programmers. Aprogrammer is simply someone who converts algorithms into machinecode but those algorithms may be part of a muc

Is a computer programmer the same as a computer petition?

No, these are two very different things. A computer programmer is a person who writes software that tells computers what to do. A computer (or internet) petition, on the other
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What does an computer programmer do?

it fixes computers and helps them to be good and work well and they program the computers to
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Are computer programmers people who clean computers?

No, the computer programmer are the people who design the software the computer uses to run, if you wish for someone to clean your computer take it to your local computer stor
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What problems do programmers have when building a computer so that they can follow instructions?

Programmers do not build computers, they program them. Computer Engineers design computers, then other people build andtest them. There are no problems in designing a comput