Consumers (food chain)

How do consumers use resources?

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They take information, and from it, determine good purchases. The information being a "resource"

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Socially responsible consumers prefer to buy from companies that use what?

Renewable resources

Who owns the resources in market economy?


Do consumers use photosynthesis?

NoProducers use it directly. But consumers depend on it indirectly

List of things that are consumers?

Consumers are organisms that use other organisms for energy resources, as opposed to producers, which can use sunlight to create their own energy-storing molecules, or decomposers, which get energy-rich molecules from dead organisms. Another name for a consumer is a predator. Consumers can eat plants, animals, bacteria, or just about anything else they are capable of catching. Most animals are consumers, including people. Other examples of consumers are birds, turtles, lions, frogs, and cows.

How can natural resources affect a nation's economy?

without natural resources government cannot sustain the needs and wants of the consumers.

What are two kinds of economic systems?

Market Economy: Resources are publicly owned, consumers decide how resources are allocated. Command Economy: Resources are publicly owned, government decides how resources are allocated.

Who is consumers Explain?

Consumers are the Creatures that use up products.

Is it true that Consumers capture and use energy from the sun?

consumers capture and use the energy from the sun

Are tree's producers?

Yes, because they provide resources for consumers, like us.

When consumers needs and wants are greater than the resources available to satisfy them?


How are tolls and user fees different from taxes?

Tolls and user fees are collected by consumers as they use resources and are used to keep maintenance up and to take care of the place collecting them. They are considered polite since consumers should help with the upkeep and this is a way to do so. Taxes are money collected no matter if you use the resource or not.

How can i use consumers in a sentence?

The consumers feed on the producers. The consumers are getting a raw deal with the increase in electricity prices

How do you use secondary consumers in a sentence?

Secondary consumers seem to be gathering quickly.

Is it true that when you use renewable resources they get smaller when you use them and can't be replaced?

no, renewable resources are resources that can be replaced

What did the Anasazi use their natural resources for?

how did the anasazi use resources to survive

What is the relationship between manufacturers and consumers?

The manufacturers provide the needs of the consumers while the consumers use the materials that the manufacturers provide.

How do you use credits?

consumers , businesses , and government use it.

What happens to an ecosystem if there are more consumers than producers?

If there are more consumers than producers, the pressure increases on the earth because day by day all natural resources are decreasing. The basic needs of all consumers can not be fulfilled.

What are the impacts tourism has on a country's natural resources?

they use all the resources and then leave the local people to pay for the resources they use eg. water toilet they use all the resources and then leave the local people to pay for the resources they use eg. water toilet

Does all of producers energy go to consumers?

All the energy that create consumers in for of ATP even and food, consumers can use it. Consumers are like parasits. Anwered from Fat!!

How does Europe use their natural resources?

They use some of their natural resources for food.

What natural resources did this tribe use?

What natural resources did the Mingo tribe use

What is the relationship between consumers and producers?

Consumers buy and use the products and services made by producers.

How producers differ from consumers?

Producers create jobs and products for consumer use. Consumers use products or services provided by producers.

What is the word wise and careful use of resources?

The wise and careful use of resources is conservation.

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