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Corals are carnivore; they catch preys and animal particles that touch their tentacles, which are armed with 2 types of cnidocytes (stinging and/or sticking cells), then the tentacle bends, or convolves, bringing the caught food to the hypostoma (the mouth) wich is ingested through the pharynx and reaches the coelenteron, where it's digested with enzymes.

Many corals obtain food also from photosynthetic organisms that live in mutual symbiosis inside them, called zoochlorellaeand zooxanthellae.

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Q: How do coral polyps obtain food and digest it?
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What is the food of coral polyps?


What lives inside the coral polyps?

Little micro-organisms, called zooxanthellae, live inside of coral polyps. They provide the coral with 90% of its energy and food supply, while the coral provides the zooxanthellae with protection and shelter

What do corallivores eat?

Corallivores eat coral polyps as their main food source.

What is the purpose of the tentacles of coral polyps?

They trap tiny particles of food as they drift by.

How do porifera obtain and digest food?

They digest food intracellularly within a food vacuaole.

What two organisms make up a coral?

Coral polyps and Zooxanthellae. They have a symbiotic relationship with each other. The coral polyps provide a home for the Zooxanthellae (a type of algae) and the Zooxanthellae provide the polyp with food and gives the coral its recognizable color. Without the Zooxanthellae, coral bleeching occurs.

How does a unicellular organism obtain food digest its food and turn the food into energy?

No, see as the unicellular organism digest the food it turns it into energy,

Is coral an heterotroph?

yes because it obtain its food by its own

What would happen to the food web in the great barrier reef if all the coral polyps died?

The food web would disappear because fish need the coral and without the coral the fish would die, and no fish means no whales.

Why are zooxanthellae importaint?

Zooxanthellae are important because they provide food and oxygen for the coral polyps. Zooxanthellae live inside a coral polyp and gather food and make oxygen, even though polyps can catch small fish with it's tentacles it still needs it's "best friend" for its needs. Zooxanthellaes are also important because it is responsible for the corals vibrant colours. When the coral becomes stressed the polyps expel their algal cells and the coral formation takes ona white appearance which is commonly known as coral bleaching.If coral stay for too long without its "best friend" it can lead to the corals death.

How do armadillo's obtain food?

They eat it, chew it, swallow it, digest it and... make poopy!

What do crown of thorns sea stars eat?

They mainly prey on reef coral polyps and brittle sea stars. But when they are short on food, they can survive on energy reserves.

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