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coral are animals

coral reefs are made up of dead and live coral.

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2010-06-22 17:18:33
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Q: How do coral start out?
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How do coral reefs start?

coral reefs start by the decomposition of organisms living under water.

What are the names of coral islands that start with the letter a?


How do coral form their skeletons?

when a coral reef dies the skeleton stays and a new one would start on top of it .

What adaptations did algae have to live in the coral reef?

It had to start photosynthesis.

What is the general life cycle of coral?

The basic life cycle of coral is pretty simple. They start as an zygote after being fertilized and then they become a larva or planula. After that, they are considered a full grown coral.

Where did Cyclone Larry start?

Cyclone Larry started in the eastern part of the Coral Sea.

Can you find coral reefs at the mouth of the amazon river?

Yes you can because the water becomes slow moving and the particles can settle and start the process of building a coral reef

Could someone name some different types of coral?

pineapple coral brain coral staghorn coral star coral torch coral bonaire flower coral red med coral pipe coral bleached coral bubblegum coral gold coral

What types of Coral are in the Belize barrier reef?

Lettuce Coral, brain coral, elkhorn coral, staghorn coral, star coral, fire coral, sea pen, scroll coral, golfball coral, mustard hill coral, rose coral, sea whips, maze coral, rigid cactus coral, orange cup coral.... and many more.

What different types of species of coral are there?

well their is soft coral and hard coral +brain coral breanha coral lily coral and extra coral

How does a coral reef get its coral?

The hard coral polyp makes the coral

How long will coal live for?

Coal doesn't live to start with. Maybe you're thinking of coral?

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