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Q: How do cougars grow and develop?
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What kind of plants grow near cougars?

If you mean a cougars habitat than tall grasses.

Do unicellular grow or develop?

They grow and develop

How do a python grow and develop?

They grow and develop just like we do. They can grow up to 60ft.

What will happen to an organism if it does not grow or develop?

what will happen to organisms if they do not grow and develop

Do lions grow and develop?

They grow by milking their cubs and develop fluffy hair

Do multicellular grow or develop?


What is the synonym for develop?

Grow, evolve, advance.

What does grow and develop?


What is the synonym for grow?


Can cake grow and develop?

Not really, no. It does change a bit from batter to cake while baking, but beyond that it does not grow or develop.

Your skeletons grow like you grow?

Like animals grow they develop in our body

How dogs Grow and develop?

you feed it to grow and walk it to develop it.All dogs grow and develop, and to do this they need nutritional food. Dogs eat kibble that contains fibre, vitimins, etc. This then makes them develop. If you have a puppy it is slightly harder to get nutrition into them. By using special puppy milk, this gives them calcium, which then helps their bones grow. Which then makes them grow into a larger dog.